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  1. Well, I just stumbled across this and I'm calling bullsh*t on one of the drink names. See if you can guess which one.....
  2. Yeah I found it preferable to others I’d tried as it has a far lower surface contact area and there’s practically no static cling. The debate continues as to how much distribution they do but I just assumed it was more top third levelling than distribution, but that doesn’t sound sexy [emoji23]
  3. That sounds good to me (assuming it’s UK shipping). I’ll drop you a PM shortly. Thanks
  4. Two Motta milk jugs 35cl (350ml) and 75cl (750ml) both brand spankers. £40 for the pair inc delivery.
  5. There's nothing particularly special about the PUSH other than you can tamp flat without much effort. With the palm handle on a Big Step its indistinguishable (in quality) from a PUSH. A bit bulkier, but easier to change on the fly. After that you're getting into the benefits of a 58.55mm base (Big Step) against the PUSHs 58.50mm one and everything I've seen says bigger's better base wise, but I only have what I've read to back that up. I used it as a palm style one as shown below.
  6. When you’re not sure you’ll stay awake for the [emoji3037] latte to the rescue!
  7. Some Friday yum yum curtesy of North Star coffee.
  8. I’ve been using the LM baskets and tamp that came with the machine so time to sell the excess. Pullman Big Step Tamper - 58.55mm Base - £150 + P&P. Immaculate condition. Pullman Chisel - 58.4mm errr Chisel - £110 + P&P. Immaculate condition. Pullman Filtration Baskets - 17-19g & 19-22g - £20 + P&P (each). Pullman’s challenger in the precision basket market. Welcome to the Pullman 876 Filtration Basket. A new era in precision baskets. Independently tested by the Australian Coffee Science Lab. Data shows* * Significant impr
  9. Plywood was a bit harsh. Anyone could see it’s MDF [emoji13]
  10. Thanks, I’ll drop you a PM shortly.
  11. I purchased these new the other day, but they arrived and the weight had worked loose in the box and bumped the edge of the scale. Being the grumpy sod I am I decided not to bother with them then, Other than the bump they're pristine, new and most importantly fully functioning. If anyone wants them at a reduced price before I send them back next week they're ready to ship. They are EXACTLY like lunars in look, feel and function. They seemed to be made from the same materials, but are large enough to accommodate two cups (up to a certain size). Blurb. FELICITA ARC ESPRESSO SCAL
  12. Let me start by saying I have no in-depth working knowledge of these machines and I offer only a very noddy approach to answering. If I could have plumbed in the LR to make it silent (which I loved about my original lever) and control the PI pressure from my mains (which is so much easier) I’d have kept it longer for sure. I wasn’t keen on the pump noise, quiet as it may be and the pstat clicking on and off quite audibly also was a minor gripe. I think the original L I had, had a considerably larger tank and I don’t recall it occurring as often probably holding temp longer. They are the
  13. I’m just a [emoji90] photographer fella it’s all level honest.
  14. If I’m 100% honest other than manual pre infusion it’s no worse. I got to use the latest gs/3 (conical valve one) and to call it a pressure profiling machine is a stretch of the truth. I’d wager only the keenest of pros could repeat a variable profiled shot as it not smooth in changing pressure and you often over shoot. Ultimately you go PI -> boom 9bar paddle to middle for a 3bar tail off as that’s easy to hit. Manual PI is a bonus but it’s not a huge step down and I don’t think it’s a 3k better machine at all. The LMLM is just a one trick pony, but it seems to do it well (well
  15. Nah. There was a potential KvdW Speedster available so I was going to sacrifice the EK43S to make it happen. It fell through and I had no reason to sell it then.
  16. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Poirots replacement @Jony Is it on there now?
  17. Bought them, then decided to stick with what I've got. Brand new and unopened. If you've not seen the blurb here you go: The Felicita Parallel has been specifically designed to take your coffee weighing to another level — featuring precision 0.1g weight increments, a built-in timer and the ability to calculate brewing speed. Big enough to accomodate any brewing method, including a full espresso group handle. KEY FEATURES — Water Resistant — Measurements: 160x212x35mm — 2000g Capacity in 0.1g Increments — Auto-tare, Auto-timer modes — Lithium-ion USB rec
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