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  1. Listed elsewhere please close. Sorry for any confusion.
  2. Barista Hustle 400ml milk jug - Space black £28.50 + PP (£2.95 or £3.95 max).
  3. That’s my kinda pour. Bet it tasted great.
  4. Could this thread be closed. Apologies they sold a while back.
  5. Thanks to @swiftybswift for the quick turnaround on the grinder. Appreciated! It’s certainly doing the job...
  6. If delivery isn’t an option for @Hindsight I’ll take the grinder at asking if you’re up for splitting them. Thanks
  7. I've sent the one that was faulty to Adam to be repaired. As such these are no longer available at the minute.
  8. Brand new and unused LMLM plumb in kit. £100 inc P&P
  9. Hi Ronald, P&P to Germany is £12.55 via Royal Mail (at that price I’d expect HRH to deliver it). I could to it for £55 Shipped for you if that’s any good? Apologies if not.
  10. Let me check the postage and I’ll drop you a reply. Thanks
  11. Picked one up with a recent purchase, but forgot the lady who’d purchased my LMLM didn’t want mine so I e ended up with two like a plank. As new condition £50 posted.
  12. A pair of Adam A5X studio speakers. Excellent visual condition, but one has started dropping the highs at random. When fully functioning it's audibly spot on, but will drop the highs, come back and repeat at random. I think its purely a loose connection, but don't have the ability, will to try to fix it myself. I've reflected the fault in the price. Still set-up so any demo of them can be provided on collection (Sheffield). £350
  13. All yours for the price of postage. 1 - Steam arm grip (Londinium/Fracino). 1 - Brewista kettle flow regulator. 1 - Feldgrind band /w arm holder loop.
  14. I’ll have another look at this soon then, there was just too little interest when I originally posted.
  15. The question on my mind is will it be @MildredM or @Snakehips who gets it first [emoji23]
  16. Odd this thread popped up, I was thinking the exact same thing. I had a bag of beans recently and I assumed being single origin they’d be of a similar graded size when sorted and sold. As it turns out the roast looks patchy as Joseph’s coat and that seemed to correlate to bean size. It’s hard to make out from the image below the roast colour variations but does show the size variation. Did it have a negative effect of the coffee? I can’t say, it was ok, but I’ve not got the pallet to be critical so I won’t be.
  17. Seems a good price. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F202565105252
  18. Nothing I can add really to what you've probably already read/heard about the EK43S so I'll not ramble on. It's had a mere 6kg of coffee through it. The SSP Silver Knight burrs are amazing and offer more range in the espresso zone than the originals without losing the signature profile of the EK (as best as my basic pallet can taste). 6 Months old and had 6kg through it. Any inspection welcome. Supplied with all the original packaging. £1850 No offers thanks (collection from Sheffield). Images added shortly, but it can be viewed on eBay, where it's also listed, if y
  19. I may have completely misread it, and I can’t for the life of me find the thread, but was there an EK alignment tool that @Terranova had donated to the forum? If so is it being used at the minute? Thanks in advance.
  20. You, my good man. Have reunited me with one of my favourite childhood cartoon skits. I thank you! [emoji144]*[emoji108] * my daughter says thanks too (when she’d stopped laughing), wife.... I think she’s had enough of it on loop now [emoji23]
  21. It’s is indeed 58mm. Pop me your address in a PM and I’ll get it sorted. Thanks
  22. It seems La Marzocco popped two 7g baskets in my Linea Mini accessories box by mistake. So if anyone wants one, it’s yours for the price of postage.
  23. Managed to get an hour to myself so its speakers on, crank it up and QoTSA - Villains! Never a bad choice.
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