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  1. 1 hour ago, Mrboots2u said:

    Be worth adding some photos, as the original add you are linking too, is not displaying them anymore.

    Cheers chief, I'd not realised they were missing. I'll get on it and post some new ones later.

  2. Ceado E37S Coffee Grinder.



    Used but excellent condition. Extremely low usage. Only just over 2300 actuations with half of those being short purges. The burrs are obviously in excellent condition.


    Collection only from Sheffield - £730





  3. Not completely. The seal between cup and lid is solid, but the movable button on the top is a weak link. If tipped up / over it will drip. If you were walking with it, in hand you'd have no probs, but I wouldn't risk it in a bag.

  4. Did they ever respond to this Lee?


    I just had a look online and they are out of stock again. But was going to email if you hadn't or had no reply.


    Never got a reply and shipping never went below $100+


    Apologies for the lack of updating.

  5. I’m a one trick pour pony, but it was a beautiful drop from North Star [emoji94]


    Long 2bar pre-infusion until first drops (approx 16 seconds) up to 9bar tailed off to 6bar for the final 10g


    18g -> 40g in 46sec (inc PI).



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  6. Having had a GS3 and not being overly impressed by that I cannot see this being any better. Who buys a bottom of the range BMW.....and if you do, you simply wish you had the dosh for a better model. 90% about LM ownership is about satisfaction of brand plus the smile you get when people ask you what you have.

    A cheaper option would just be to get Dick tatted on your forehead!


    So how much was the tattoo when you got your LM? [emoji23]

  7. The linea mini is a great machine. Well built, easily repeated shots, super stable group temps and superb steaming power. I’d caution buying used via anything like ebay and the £3k one on UB seems high for one that old.


    Speak to Ollie at North Star. They were a great help to me and they do have occasional used ones pop up (no promises though).

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