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  1. Hi, If you can go to £54 I'll send it signed for which includes cover for the item.
  2. Its with a heavy heart (and lighter wallet after buying a Mahlgut tamper) that I'm letting this go. It's served me well in the month I've had it but due to my cack-handed tamping I bottled it and gone for a puck styled tamper (which in hindsight has given me one less thing to blame As you'll see from the images its a beauty which was supplied by coffeechap. It's been a perfect fit for my 2 VST baskets (and my default SDB ones) leaving no strays up the edges. I just appear to have the wonkiest grip in the world. £60 which will include postage too (or £55 if you're local enough
  3. Today, a rather beautiful Mahlgut Palm SL tamper. She's a beauty (even if I say so myself Thanks to @aphelion for the insanely fast delivery too!
  4. I can risk the 'bobbit' for an extra fiver in sure. I'll pm you shortly.
  5. Hi Andy, If at any point you'd consider accepting £95 I'd like to make that offer. I fully understand if that falls short of what you're after, but the missus would 'Bobbit' me if I spent more than that on a tamper Regards, Lee
  6. Hi, I realise it will probably out live my coffee maker, but how old is the grinder please?
  7. Now do I try to sell my iPad pro or my first born child to get my hands on this?
  8. 1. Coffeechap 2. Grumpydaddy 3. RvB 4. PPapa 5. NickdeBug 6. Alexferdi 7. Thecatlinux 8. drude 9. MrShades 10. jtldurnall 11. Doozerless 12. working dog 13. Eyedee 14. PeterL 15. Johnealey 16. risky 17. dfk41 18. Jeebsy 19. anton78 20. TomBurtonArt 21. Snakehips 22. Bean About 23. Xpenno 24. Grahamg 25. Blackstone 26. h1udd 27. mrboots2u 28. Dunx90 29. Aaroncornish 30. GCGlasgow 31. Jp19810 32. bongo 33. Brewer in training 34. Drewster 35. mmmatron 36. YesRow 37. Knightsfield 38. ronsil 39. Soll 40. jlarkin 41. An
  9. Ocado have the 1.5ltr bottles on offer 4 for £2 at the moment.
  10. Not 100% I've posted in the right place, but I've just seen this and ordered a sample my self. http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.php?t=5403433&_ga=1.131489288.609269767.1453282455 MSE says 300g but the site says 150g, still not bad for 99p!
  11. Im looking at getting a new tamper as the one with the SDB I recently got just seems to leave that bit too much around the edge (after all it couldn't possibly be my tekkers, I've been tamping for 2 weeks now Having hit the google and accessed the slippery slopes of 'for a bit more money I can get a...' I'd looked at a the following few and wondered if anyone has had hands on with them and could offer an opinion? My main worry is that as a nubber to this, the snugger the fit the less forgiving of poor technique they would be. Pullman Big Step Pergtamp or a Reg Barber made to a s
  12. Seems to clump up a little bit, but having read a bit more I guess that could be down to the fresh bean being quite oily it is less of an issue as the coffee gets a bit older. On the whole I'm happy with it especially as I use a press at work so going from one to another and back again settings wise is easy enough.
  13. Haha, I deny ownership of those! On the upside is since we've got this the missus hasn't used them at all.
  14. It took me a while to talk myself into it, but I finally cracked and went for it. All I can say so far is its not as easy as its made to look, but when you get your first shot right its magical
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