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  1. Pending your inspection. £1600 is ok with me.


    I’ll PM you my details (as obviously I don’t want them in an open thread [emoji3] and should the sale progress we can finish it up on here.



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  2. I commute to Sheffield a lot, I am very interested not sure how the offers work but I am very interested and happy to pay £1600. Is the difference between the 43s and 43 only the height?


    It is indeed the only difference. You’re obviously more than welcome to come check it out prior to confirming. I’m just off J31 M1.

    Hope that helps,

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  3. Thanks Lee, I am obviously keen on the grinder however it is way above what I should really be committing to my hobby given my particular circumstances and £1,500 was honestly pushing the envelope for me.

    That said, I have been aching for a grinder upgrade from my SJ and after much research and consulting people much more knowledgeable than I, it seems like an EK43 is the right match for me and where I want to take my coffee journey.

    How would you feel about splitting the difference between my offer of £1500 and your suggestion of £1600?

    I also have to ask if you’ll be making a trip anywhere towards the south at any point in the near future? The reason I ask is that my very very heavily pregnant wife is very scared of going to labour when I’m not around and the mere thought of it happening when I’m potentially away from north London by some 3-4 hours would absolutely terrify her. So every little would help and I hope this does not come across as me being rude.


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    Hi@Khashy I’ll give the offer some consideration and drop you another reply. I’ve no immediate plan to travel down south but if something comes up that sends me that way I’ll be sure to update you.

    Thanks again,

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  4. Hi, can you confirm if this is the EK43 or EK43S?

    Does this cone with the alignment tool?

    It’s not the S. I’ll add some pictures later but here’s one I’ve got on my phone.


    The alignment tool I’ve borrowed from another forum member. I’m not sure if it was the one donated to the forum or his personally, but it isn’t included in the sale.

    Hope that helps.

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  5. 3 hours ago, Lam said:

    I have purchased this, the Black Truffle one at £699, as a gift to myself for my 40th birthday which was on 1st December. I received it a few days before my birthday, set it up on the day itself. A steep learning curve for me so I am not yet producing the sort of coffee I would like for my money but that's user error not the machine. The machine is perfect, sealed and very nice indeed. Im now desperately searching for some knowledge people that may be able to help me use the machine! 

    Make sure you register it and use the white glove service they provide. It's quite useful.

  6. Purchased new October 2019 (can provide proof of purchase if required).

    This is the newest version of the EK43 (metal buttons not the red/green plastic ones, aluminium burr carrier etc). Other than having the burrs aligned it's practically unused (I put about 1kg coffee through after aligning the burrs). It comes with a custom mini hopper not the big original EK one.

    It was originally going to be part of home setup as a retirement gift, but due to a change circumstance it's now no longer required.

    Any inspection welcome. Collection only (Sheffield).


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  7. Sonos Playbar

    Excellent condition, awesome sound. Not really much more more I can say about it without sounding like a sales man.

    Only for sale as we've put the TV in a smaller room to make it more 'cosy' (whatever that means). As a result this is way OTT (especially as I don't hate  my neighbours).

    Comes with power, network and optical cables, if the box is in the loft I'll include that too, but make no promises it is. 

    Any inspection/test welcome. Collection only (Sheffield)


  8. 2 thermal cups (1 new other looks like it’s been used but I can’t recall ever using it). They have handles just to the back in the picture.

    1 latte art pen.

    1 foam knife.


    The lot for the price of P&P (about £3.79 I guess).






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  9. I was under the assumption that with it being thin (er than the other) the 5 min or so normal warm up time and a flush of water would more than be enough, it’s not like it’s londininium group size. Nether the less I suspect it won’t be top of the old mans spend list anyhow [emoji23]

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  10. Probably no interest in them on here, but I thought as they're going on ebay too it'd be rude not too.

    Taken out of a brand new EK43 (purchased last month). Other than any testing that they do at Mahlkonig these haven't had 1 coffee bean through them. 





    Price includes Royal Mail special delivery. 



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  11. Nope, but I'd seen it and it looked really cool!

    There's also this option which you may have already seen: https://www.coffeeparts.com.au/ek43-titus-portafilter-holder

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    Yeah I like the look of this but is wasn’t sure if it restricted by portafilter types (lock in angles and lug types etc). Where as the other just looks like it can be adapted as needed and won’t faff with putting a catcher under for filter. Tbh I’ll probably end up just buying a dosing cup of sorts [emoji23]

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