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  1. Morning, So just going through the post and responses (just to make sure people still want them when they arrive) I have it as follows: 1st 5 Replies - @drude @unoll @urbanbumpkin @DoubleShot and @Missy (@Yes Row didnt want the funnel just a mini hopper). Should any of those not want them (as there's no obligation due to it not being strictly a group buy). I have the following who'd replied yes after: @bronc @steveholt @jonathan @Grahamg If the 1st five still want them and the 'reserves' still want one, dont worry like a complete nubber I forgot to order the 2nd part I
  2. For clarity the higher estimate of £15 is if they get hit with duty and tax etc, so fingers crossed not.
  3. Hi, I'm hoping they'll be here this week. Will post with CC's to all that showed any initial interest on the for sale forum as soon as they drop. Just as a heads up anyone who was interested it came in at (inc shipping) $101.10 for 6 (£71.36 approx). So my best guess is between £12-£15 +PP (any method people want to pay for I'll ship it).
  4. Yep another +1 for the it's too far brigade here too! Would love a lever too [emoji25]
  5. Does anyone know how that works in terms of when the payments taken (for those who have pre-ordered)? Are you charged in July at point of dispatch or now?
  6. I think they're not being dispatched until July unless I read it wrong. So it might still only be the BETA bods that can let you know. 'Limited quantity, individually numbered. Only 250 available. Very first off the production line.Pre-order now. Ships in July.'
  7. Appreciated. I've just had a look and they've got 2/3 parts Im after and the delivery's not insanely expensive so could be a go'er thanks again.
  8. Hi Dave, I looking for the following items if I can get them in one shunt: Mazzer doser cylinder (if thats its official title, but the plastic screen in the doser to fit a major/royal). Grind adjustment rod (not essential tbh was just bundling one in). and a Compensation O-Ring 32 (my ring looks warped (#sidjameslaugh) when I've taken the doser apart to mod it). The o-Ring and screen seem to be the ones on an order as required basis (which I fully understand). Lee
  9. Hello, Does anyone know where I can buy Mazzer doser chamber parts without a 2-3 week wait? I've tried the few I can find on-line (coffee hit and espresso-solutions etc), but none seem to have the items I'm looking for in stock. Thanks in advance, Lee
  10. Could a mod please move this to sold please. Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Looks like Im woefully short on posts to be able to create a group buy so I'll just order 6-8 myself and post them on the for sale once they've arrived (it was either this or many, many welcome/nice setup posts, which while they would have been true, just seemed to be wrong Future for sale post incoming on arrival!
  12. Sheffield, but I dont mind meeting up within a reasonable distance.
  13. Thanks I've no idea how I've done that. If a mod can close one I'd greatly appreciate it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Mazzer Mini E type A for sale. Just over two years old, under 4k on the counter and no major marks. I tried to appease the missus by getting a smaller grinder than the royal, but I figured I can put up with the earache so the mini on the market. Any inspection welcome, £360
  15. Cheers chap, appreciated. I had a butchers on eBay and can't believe how these fare in comparison so some of the big boy models (in terms of value not grind quality) is there some love affair with the mazzer mini Es I've not heard of? [emoji1] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. The missus has issues with the size of my Royal and want's that to go, but I'd like to know what the mini's worth first. If I can make a better case for the Royal and that fits in with my grind to grief ratio I know the Royal will be staying Just over two years old, under 4k on the counter and no major marks.
  17. I'm just running through the group buy rules and checking the costs are accurate (and worth it to people) before posting on the group buy section by CoB Sunday. Its more the logistics of distribution from when they arrive in old blighty than anything else thats a pita Hold tight anyhow, post will be up as I say asap.
  18. I've just re-checked and they're back in the 6+ stock territory so I'll be moving this to the group buy section as I'm going to nab one myself anyhow.
  19. Looks an amazing setup! My upgraditus is in overdrive now
  20. I just went on to order 6 and there's four left (sods law). To get the discounted price it needs to be 6 minimum so I've just popped them an email to find out when there's likely to be that many in stock. Either way I'll look to get a group order sorted and include the ones on here after checking with them again on price and timescales. Thanks again!
  21. Hello there! I was looking at ordering one of these (http://www.orphanespresso.com/OE-Stainless-Steel-58mm-Dosing-Funnel_p_5707.html) and thought I'd ask the following from the knowledgeable forum members (and if they're busy you'll do : If anyone's seen anything similar UK wise that I wont run the gauntlet of duty on (duty's not the main concern more waiting time)? Has anyone with experience of these got an opinion on if they're worth it or not (subjective I know, but the grinds from my doser scatter like scallys from a police knock!). And pending responses to the first a
  22. 2kg of Rave tastiness! Can't wait to try them both.
  23. A fine coffee corner indeed! Prior to my change of grinder its almost like looking at my own setup
  24. I too had the newer version of the SGP for a short while, it was perfectly capable for my SDB and I never had any issues in the short while I had it. I only dont have it now due to getting an excellent Mazzer Royal that was basically on my doorstep, otherwise Im sure I'd still have and be happy with it now. I know the previous model had its flaws, but I'd not seen any of them on the one I had.
  25. Hi, Sorry if the confusion was caused as part of my listing (first time seller). As I read @Glenn replies now, as I made an offer @Dang24 has 1st refusal, which he's accepted. As long as that spot on Glenn I'll send my details to Dang24. Thanks for the clarification and apologies to @El carajillo if so.
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