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  1. Could a mod please remove / close this as they're no longer for sale. Thanks
  2. Not too shabby for £65 inc delivery I thought!
  3. Yeah cheers though. I've just asked them about discounts for multi buys. If nothing comes of it I might hang on for a 2nd hand but I thought while I was looking no harm asking [emoji3]
  4. But yeah I'm assuming there's some reason its now two sites. I checked and they're still the same place.
  5. Dont be so hasty I've got an email with them at the minute about a pharos so if they reply I'll drop you a not if you still want anything from there (if that helps).
  6. All claimed and all posted @Snakehips @steveholt @jonathan @Grahamg if you're still interested in one I'm going to do a 'proper' group buy as I fancy another one or two pieces from OE now. The price will still be the same (I'll order a min of 6 as it makes sense to get them 1/2 price). Im also going to ask if they do a similar offer on the cylinder ones (http://www.orphanespresso.com/OE-IPANEMA-Tall-Aluminum-Portafilter-Dosing-Cylinder_p_2540.html) too. Sorry I'd didnt see your messages before the order had gone. If a mod could close this thread (if thats required) I'll do all
  7. I think its going to cause more confusion if I list it on FS as they're all already sold as best I can see so I'll sort it here where the information is and use FS if there are any remaining. The on the ground cost (item, shipping & fees) is £14 each + PP (the options for which I've listed below). So the 1st five are @drude @unoll @urbanbumpkin @DoubleShot and @Missy If you can drop me a message on here to confirm you've read this then PM me your delivery details I'll drop you my PP details in return @Snakehips @steveholt @Jonathan @Grahamg if you can hang fire I'll drop
  8. They've arrived so I'll list them and the postage options in the For Sale section. Thanks for your patience
  9. I forgot to mention the Perger pic on the side. That adds a few ££ of worth doesnt it
  10. Looks like it might have had more beans through it than an aged cowboy, but I cant imagine anyone who'd buy one of theses wouldn't maintain it meticulously. On as a BIN with best offer. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/222108488985?_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
  11. Could a mod please mark this as sold. Thanks
  12. The went via eBay. I had offers to separate them and hadn't had a sniff on here until they'd gone (sods).
  13. @Colio07 that, as they say, is a deal I'll PM you with my details shortly. Lee
  14. I'm afraid the Modi's now sold too. Apologies I didnt seen an update on TT to say there'd been a post on this or I'd have got back sooner :S
  15. The amplifier is now sold so the revised price for the DAC, speakers and sub is £400 for the three (bracketed prices still apply for individual items).
  16. It's no bother fella, its not like he wouldn't have seen it if you'd have posted another add.
  17. Would have done for £90+PP, but obviously If that's no good for you it looks like @jeebsy might have sold his
  18. Its with some regret I'm moving this on. I like it, the wife thinks its a bit heavy (The SL is approx. 700g. As she's put up with my endless coffee waffle recently I've given up on this one and decided to go back to a 'normal tamper'). Purchased brand new from @aphelionin March it has its original box and packaging and is in immaculate condition. It fits the 15g/18g and 20g VST baskets I have perfectly with enough room to spin/polish the puck if that's your thang. I'd be happy to sell one or more of the VSTs if you wanted to make sure of the fit, but they're new so not much of a discount
  19. 4 x Londinium Espresso Latte Cups (inc saucers) - Made by Ancap / d'Ancap, Italy. One cup feels like (as I couldn't see anything) there's the slightest imperfection in the casting not a chip. I found this when taking them out to photograph. Come boxed (though its a bit old). I purchased theses when I'd hoped to get an L1 machine. I ended up getting a SDB and these are a constant reminder of my stupidity so they're going £25 + PP (if required or can be collected from sheffield)
  20. My gaming days are now a distant memory (long over due if you ask my wife), so there's little point in me keeping my PC setup. So the first thing to go is the monitor Dell U3415W - Dells Ultrasharp curved widescreen monitor). Full specs can be found here http://www1.euro.dell.com/uk/en/business/Peripherals/dell-u3415w-monitor/pd.aspx?refid=dell-u3415w-monitor&cs=ukbsdt1&s=bsd Original receipt from Scan, still has 2+ years of the Dell NBD warranty remaining and is in immaculate condition. Any inspection welcome (Sheffield based). I will point out in advance there's so
  21. For sale due to upgradeitus. Audioengine A5+ Powered Speakers in Solid Bamboo (SOLD) Audioengine S8 Sub (£120+PP) Schiit Audio Modi 2 Uber DAC (SOLD) Schiit Audio Magni 2 Uber Amp (SOLD) Everything (except the sub) is under 1 year old and perfect condition. The sub has a chipped foot on the bottom but this in no way causes any issues. Any inspection is welcome (Sheffield based).
  22. Apologies, I'll correct that at the time of posting on FS. Thanks.
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