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  1. Yeah I'm having a problem via the pic too. Coincidentally were just off j31 too. Small world (though I wouldn't want to paint it as my dad says I'll drop you a line once it's settled down a bit (fingers crossed).
  2. Right for the 3 days of hot weather I clearly need a clima pro then [emoji3]
  3. [TABLE=width: 881] [TR] [TD=width: 1045]Neil Johnston - Albany Lettings (or so it says [/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE] [TABLE=width: 881] [TR] [TD=width: 1045]Neil Johnston [/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE]
  4. I've got to be careful how I compare the two as the E8's only had about 2kg of beans through it from new (and Im not sure if the red speed burrs need seasoning as it differs from link to link I read), but on first couple of days of use: - Grind quality of the mythos has it beat hands down. As I mentioned above I expect this to be at least on a par overtime and hopefully surpass the mythos, but only time and about 10-15kg more coffee will tell I guess - The initial distribution into the portafilter from the mythos was less clumpy (as in none post BB clump crusher change) and more center
  5. Afternoon all, Spotted this and was insanley tempted, but thought I'd better at least give the E8 a chance first https://www.gumtree.com/p/other-kitchen-appliances/professional-coffee-grinder/1178969622 from my ask for more info: 1 year old, had exceedingly light use as it was the 3 grinder in the business and used only for speciality coffees.
  6. They sell (shocker) a magnetic plate which is quite handy. Set me back £25 though.
  7. You too Chris, If I'm struck down with sellers remorse however expect a message or two lol Hope you have many great shots from it!
  8. Offer kindly accepted. Drop me a PM with the delivery details. Thanks
  9. Haha, I think I said better than mine Nah it was spot on! Thanks again and I'll put it through its paces (or it will me) later, cant wait!
  10. Thanks for the offer, but I'll kindly decline.
  11. Hi, I'd like to offer £900.
  12. Just incase I need to confirm, offer accepted I'll drop you a PM with my address and mobile number so we can arrange collection.
  13. Hi, I'm sorry to say I'm not open to offers on the price. Granted, I paid £10 less than I'm asking, but I've spent at least £40 on 2 clump crushers (1 fitted, 1 BNIB) and the replacement bean chute hopper slider thingy-me-bob (and tools to remove the stripped screws I'm honestly not trying to be dickish, but I wont be too bothered if it stays. PS If you're near feel free to come take a look/try.
  14. Price updated to £30 + PP of your choice.
  15. Purchased only a short while ago with a forum history of care [emoji3] http://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?32325-SOLD-Eureka-Mythos I've since only added to this splendid machine a BB clump crusher, replacing the broken hopper bean stopper and replacing the stripped screws (so only a bit of maintenance). 8000 total shots and only 5h 30m total run time from new. Comes with an additional BB clump crusher though I understand these will take some ware. Only for sale as a couple of my 'aspirational' grinders have popped up and I'd kick myself if I didn't at least tr
  16. Haha, I must say I got lucky. Only bidder on them on eBay and had a discount voucher so 'only' came in at £90 ish. I was quick to point that out too [emoji3]
  17. This qualifies as a coffee essential yeah? Best not tell the missus [emoji3]
  18. Anyone offer any advice on if this would be an improvement on the mythos (I know but think of me as a gadget magpie
  19. Mine does on the diagonal *with no issues (SDB 58mm portafilter). *Left to right too, the rubber bit on the PF keeps it just nicely on there.
  20. Very light use (1-2 drinks a day from new at the end of April 2016) . All trays still in protective wrap. Only for sale as I've treat myself (my wives' most hated phrase at the moment to a set of Acaia Lunar scales for no other reason than they're sexier (I'm fickle what can I say). £30 + PP *The sales blurb* The Brewista Smart scale is the perfect scale for the home or cafe barista. Its features and abilities are amazing. Nano coating means the scale is water-resistant. If the scale gets wet it should continue to function. If they stop working after get
  21. Hi, Could a moderator please close this as sold now? Thanks.
  22. Yeah the offer is £22 + PP for the Hario scales only. Apologies if that wasn't clear.
  23. Just for clarification it's £40 for the scale/grinder combined not each. Thanks
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