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  1. Afternoon all, What would be an average/normal, whatever you'd like to call it price for a Sage Dual Boiler (BES920UK one). 10 months old, one careful owner? Thanks in advance!
  2. I know one sold for not far off this on the forum recently. Ad says unused so seems decent value if so. https://www.gumtree.com/p/coffee-machines/unused-mahlkonig-coffee-grinder-/1183364774 Good luck!
  3. I'll take it at asking. If you take PP PM me your details. Thanks.
  4. Has anyone mentioned the one real EK43 essential item yet?.................
  5. Is this still relevant or is it different on the newer SDB? thanks
  6. Thank you @matisse, they (the two in the base) felt pretty secure so I didnt think to check under the hood. Took the plate off re tightened everything (well the 2 inside and popped it back on with a tight fitting screwdriver to avoid stripping and its spot on now! Thanks again all that replied!
  7. Seems an amazing bargain if you can get to London! https://www.gumtree.com/p/other-kitchen-appliances/ads/1184186631?EDID=OFXMG5N-40AX2V-Y1YODQ-BJ3Y05-A4RXUU-v1&CELLID=7473248&utm_source=savedsearches&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Daily&utm_content=GpB_month
  8. Just checked and these are 4035xx on the serial. @Thecatlinux @Xpenno any chance I could be a further pain and get you could check yours? I suspect it might be just the earlier 403's as @johnealey mentioned if your sets are the 503's. Thanks again!
  9. Hi, Just after a bit of advice from anyone that's owned/owns a set of the Acaia pearl scales. I've just bought a set (used) and there seems to be a fair bit of play (wobble) on the top plate. I can only compare it to my lunars and there's none on those so I was wondering if thats the norm on the pearls? Thanks in advance you wonderful bunch
  10. Looks a good little bundle! http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Hario-V60-Pour-over-coffee-collection-/262576042478?hash=item3d22c071ee:g:SIoAAOSwaB5Xrvz3
  11. Cheers Dan for sorting this out. Mine arrived today and they're exactly what I was after! TYVM
  12. 01. UbiquitousPhoton 02. Marcuswar 03. DoubleShot 04. Mmmatron 05. ajh101 06. blackstone 07. Drewster 08. JumboRatty 09. Rob1 10. Fluffles 11. drude 12. timmyjj21 13. Rob666 14. EricC 15. MooMaa 16. Hotmetal 17. Phil104 18. Nod 19. MSM 20. Jurredb 21. Father_Java 22. dan1502 23. Wobin19 24. Urbanbumpkin 25. The Resurrection 26. Riz 27. Mouse 28. TheZeev 29. Jacko112 30. Teejay41 31. cambosheff
  13. I'd go for 20 if that's ok too?
  14. Hi, Can a mod please close this off now thanks as it's no longer available. Thanks
  15. To be honest the only pain was the number of different sized tool heads I needed. But once you have those and the instructions from the other forum post on the e8 clumping it was ok to do.
  16. The end of my grinder changeitus. I'm apparently divorced should I think of changing it in the next 10 years [emoji13]
  17. So technically she's giving him the elbow is that it [emoji14]
  18. Just out of interest (and feel free to PM me if you dont want it open on the forum), what is your budget? Im considering selling mine and trying to get my paws on an L1 but Im just in two minds at the moment.
  19. It's already noticeably different post clear out. https://vimeo.com/176281776
  20. New in June and originally for sale by @caramel a short while ago from whom I snapped it up. Then why am I selling it so soon after? An EK43 has fallen into my lap (figuratively) and I couldn't resist its super Perger picture so I folded like a deck of cards and bought it! Due to the fact its almost new its in excellent condition and has had approximately 4kg of beans through it. I understand the Redspeed burrs are rated for 5,000kg (which amazed me when I found out). Has under 250 lifetime shots on the counters and comes fully boxed with all the warranty info. I got it at a bargain
  21. Cheers @CamV6 I read a few posts and it was a little unclear if the red speeds did/didn't need it. I might see if I can grab some stales and throw them through. As I mentioned it's not as bad now so fingers crossed that continues.
  22. Its still not quite at the Mythos level, but its a marked improvement. I now only need to bump the portafilter to get them to collapse. I followed Lee's (foundry) instructions to take it apart and access the chute, when I got in there grinds were caked on (I understand there's a few ways this can happen from steamy kitchens to oily beans, but however it had happened it was pretty sturdy). The chute had narrowed to the point where it seemed to force lumps (quite compressed ones too) out as well as the bit of fresh grind, but never clear the chute completely. I used a high power vac into th
  23. Yeah my sleepy eyes hadnt noticed it was like pour over Out of bed now so I'll be all over it.
  24. I recently (very recently) sold my mythos and purchased a new (days old then) E8. Upon setting it up I can only say I was somewhat underwhelmed by the grind quality. After reading @aaroncornish posts on his clumping issues and mine being not a million miles off I thought that was just something I'd have to live with, but it was bugging me to the point of annoyance so at a rather sleepless and sweaty (it is hot here that's not a default state 3am I decided it was getting a top to toe cleaning and this was the result! https://vimeo.com/175788862
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