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  1. The Schiit stack.


    Amazing DAC & Amp combo. Read any review you like they out perform some way out of their price bracket.


    Both purchased October 2019 so loads of warranty remaining (2 year warranty from new).


    Only selling as I no longer have a desktop setup.


    Both fully boxed with UK plugs.


    £200 + P&P for the pair.





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  2. Pretty much as per the title. It’s in excellent condition and is so good I purchased the same case for the new phone.


    Black with a walnut back and a lined inner to keep your phone safe.


    If you’re a snapper they’re well worth a look as you can add moments m series lenses to the back to up your mobile game (Is that how the kids say it [emoji23]









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    EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 Ti SC GAMING, 08G-P4-5671-KR, 8GB GDDR5, ACX 3.0 & Black Edition


    Excellent condition. Used in a well ventilated room/case and has had very light use (Gaming at the weekends, so practically zero utilisation). Loads of warranty (1 year minimum, possibly 3 depending on EVGAs transfer policy). Copy of invoice provided so you can register it with EVGA too.


    Original box included (as shown).


    As you can see, the serial numbers on the card. box and warranty are all matching. I've highlighted the intact anti-tamper tape showing its never been modded and the photo's are of the actual item for sale.


    £250 collected (can post if required).











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  4. I had mine at the following:

    93c Temp
    6 sec PI @ 55%

    Using some Horsham Kenyan beans and square mile red brick.

    All of those were 19g in a 20g VST basket. Producing 38-40g coffee in about 29 seconds (timed from the first drops in the cup NOT from pressing the button to start). Total brew time was about 38-40 seconds on the sage.

    These are just a guide to what I used.

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  5. Almost new, under 30 hours total use. Fully boxed and documented.

    Purchased end of October 2019 so they have almost all of the 5 year Adam warranty remaining, for which I have and will provide the documentation for.
    Change of circumstances mean I have to scale down my setup hence the sale (Im in a smaller room nothing dramatic).
    Any inspection welcome. Collection only due to size, weight and value. 
    Can include some similarly new IsoAcoustics ISO 155 isolation stands for an additional £80 if required.



    Upgrade incoming so this is unfortunately on it’s way.


    The back and sides are spotless. The screen has the usual minute usage marks but definitely nothing that’s visible when using it as it’d have been gone already [emoji38]


    Fully boxed and has seen so little use the battery is still near 100% of charge ability.




    I’ll add some more pics when I get replacement one, but if there’s any interest before I eBay it please shout up.


    £430 + P&P



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  7. I used this wile fitting and aligning the burrs and face plate on the EK43. Just to ensure non were over tightened and potentially throwing the alignment out again. A bit OTT I know but in for a penny when aligning [emoji23]


    As the EK never went to my dad and was sold on this is now sat in the kitchen so it’s time to move it on.


    It comes with an additional set of bits and an adapter so it’s good to go on arrival. It’s in perfect working order and spotless condition.


    £145 inc delivery.


    If you need any info on it - https://uk.rs-online.com/mobile/p/products/8477981/?grossPrice=Y&cm_mmc=UK-PPC-DS3A-_-google-_-3_UK_EN_Torque+Wrenches_Gedore_Exact-_-Gedore+-+Torque+Wrenches+-+8477981-_-gedore+753+11&matchtype=e&kwd-321249739576&s_kwcid=AL!7457!3!250836235098!e!!g!!gedore%20753%2011&gclid=Cj0KCQiAgKzwBRCjARIsABBbFuiC5bFDgIMw6kaNi58V-1StFJ1Zubc-heQR6eTGUMRZhQDxNO_k34IaAs_wEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds









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  8. 4:30am latte art...found the morning person! 

    My sleeps been thrown out of whack after getting up at 2:50am to go watch Episode IX. Should be back to normal tomorrow hopefully [emoji2957]

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  9. After having to part ways with the EK43 this is now surplus to requirements. Will provide original purchase invoice.


    Purchased October 2019. Engineered to within an inch of its life (well fraction of a mm [emoji1787]


    £260 inc special delivery (if shipped within UK).







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