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  1. Never used them before any recommendations?
  2. I think I had to keep it at least 6 weeks for someone to lose a bet
  3. Funny you should mention that.......... lol
  4. I've just had a booking agent on the line who wants to know if you're free for a 10 week cruise around the Bahamas? That was brilliant!! Bravo Mr Hips and the Tenor Lady * (were they the best beans you had
  5. No longer available. Could a mod do the needful Thanks.
  6. All sold now. If a mod could do the honours please
  7. Apologies, must have missed this. I'll do it for £17.90 just to get the last one sold if that helps.
  8. Yeah I spoke to the guys at C&C and they said as long as I send them a pic after it’s no problem to use their logo. After that Pullman were awesome and sorted the image (needed to be a certain format, size etc).
  9. It’s all being delivered today! Goodieeeeeees....
  10. Let’s see if the wait was worth it [emoji3]......
  11. Sure. Drop me a PM with your delivery details and I’ll get it posted ASAP. Thanks
  12. Just to avoid any more confusion I’ll amend the ad to include individual prices and lower the price for 3. It’s a bit more faff than I’d have liked (postage wise), but I’d rather see them used than sat in a draw. Thanks @Glenn and @igm45 for trying to keep it all in order
  13. No use to me so it’s for sale (it was that or hold on to it until I sell the grinder[emoji12] Red, 58.55mm according to the packaging (I have no way to verify it but I’m not questioning it). £35 inc P&P
  14. All in very good condition. The 20g has some tiny marks from WDT but nothing that detracts from its performance. 15g - sold 18g - sold 20g - £19.40 inc P&P (£16.50 collected). I’m in Sheffield if collecting.
  15. Awesome spot and a great price too. One thing I'd add to anyone buying (and I love mine so dont let it put you off). Check the handle from time to time, I've had two where the screws/rivets have put a hairline crack in it. Amazon as usual were super good and just swapped it for a new one.
  16. A second attempt to find a tamp base that fits my red and black PUSH tops has again proven unsuccessful so it's back to the drawing board and up for sale. I bought it used, but in all honesty you couldn't tell it apart from the brand spanker I've just had. The packaging wasn't in great nick when it arrived so I'll send it in something stronger and more suitable for postage. £91.55 (inc Special delivery postage).
  17. Apologies, but could a mod close/move to sold this please? My brother got wind of me selling them and decided he should get them at a family discounted rat of nothing, so they're no longer available (bah humbug
  18. Hi @joey24dirt I'd happily meet you in the middle at £27.50 if that suits? At least then I can send them insured and recorded. Cheers.
  19. Evening, I've recently purchased some more slightly larger notNeutral cups and have two spare as a result. One is brand new the other is as good as new. 1 x 150ml 1 x 180ml Sold as a pair and include saucers. Price includes delivery. £22.50 Pics to follow in the morning.
  20. Used an EK43 and a Wilfa for a short while. It seems super consistent in grind size and my pours are always within 5 seconds of my target with all other factors the same. 36g coffee - 600ml total water in 100ml in 10 sec stir/bloom. @30 sec pour in remaining 500ml over 45 seconds. Complete @ 2:55 I’m grinding at the following:
  21. I’ve used mine for v60 the last couple of days. No kruve though I’m afraid.
  22. Did you manage to nab one @mmmatron ?
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