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  1. Looks like there’s something en route in regards to a coating...
  2. Unfortunately not the one that c**ps in our plants! A bit miffed really. I've had my car from new, looked after it, low miles and it seems I get faff all via the insurance (or as good as) due to age depreciation (something you and @MildredM can appreciate So unless I can find a reasonable one that fits our needs, its car -> coffee at the moment. Still better to have loved and lost (and all that guff)
  3. The company sent me a brand spanking new one despite ParcelFarce losing the other. They’ve been awesome, but unfortunately due to some clown smashing my car I’m not sure either grinder or machine will be around for long (cars aren’t cheap it seems
  4. A smidge of foundry magic to start the day....
  5. Easily. For a couple of months whilst machine-less I used the flat for kalita/v60 and aeropress with no hassle swapping between methods. It’s a mightily impressive grinder.
  6. Oooooooo that was low! [emoji23]
  7. I’d better be good at grinding as it’s a fugly looking thing.
  8. A setup to cover all eventualities [emoji23]
  9. It’s for the PI pressure not boiler one I assume.
  10. Having used both, if shot prep isn't your thing and those are the two you're set on, the mythos. The monolith flat is really great, but you cant avoid RDT,WDT, weighing in and out.
  11. It’s not far off.... https://www.fastcodesign.com/3032609/these-beautiful-objects-are-made-of-human-hair
  12. Glad to hear you caught it early. Wishing for the best possible outcome.
  13. I use this one. I make plenty of cakes and it’s always been spot on. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Wilton-Trim-N-Turn-Ultra/dp/B0016BPTSU/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1517697723&sr=8-4&keywords=wilton+cake+stands
  14. If it falls through with @iulianato I'll take it at asking.
  15. They’re Sean White cups. Trades under flat white ceramics. They’re beautiful I went a bit ott and bought lots from there.
  16. Nah, they were delayed and they offered you 25% (I think) off an additional one so I thought, why not!
  17. A milk jug so nice, I ordered it twice.... In theory allowing me to produce more symmetrical [emoji90] pours
  18. I use this.... As you can see it doesn’t mess with the vents at the top and I checked with LM about covering and they said that stuff would be no problem. Looks and feels great too.
  19. Depends on what you read and how much weight you put in it. After speaking to LM I was told they fitted an 0.8mm one to avoid issues if the cleaning schedule / water quality isn't good, with the 0.6 being more susceptible to clogging it either of those two situations are met. I've had zero issues with the body/mouth feel of shots (which is what some say it improves) with the 0.8mm one and see little to no reason in changing it. In the time I've had it (not long) the equasion has been s**t coffee in, s**t coffee out. When I've used better beans its been as good as any I've had.
  20. It’s a Razer black widow ultimate. I love a mechanical keyboard when I work and the programmable macro keys make repetitive stuff a breeze.
  21. Rubbish but it tasted beautiful so worth an upload. Round Hill Roastery - Unit 14 18g -> 38g 29 seconds yummy!
  22. Always a pleasure to meet Mr & Mrs @MildredM Thanks again!
  23. For sale as a pair. Very good if not excellent condition. 35cl - Red 50cl - Stainless Steel Both come in original Motta boxes and are stamped motta on the base. £35 inc P&P *images to follow shortly if required.
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