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  1. As someone about to start sanding mine in the next week or so, I’d take 0.02mm as an endpoint [emoji3]
  2. Haha 10kg of stales/old beans has settled it down a bit. Might have to splash out on an alignment tool to get a bit more range on espresso though. Sandpaper at the ready [emoji23]
  3. Duplicate post thanks Tapatalk [emoji23]
  4. Yeah they’re excellent. I’ve used them for the last couple of years and the seals are still as good as the day I got them.
  5. What they both said ^^ I also draw off water for my pour over use and it’s very good indeed.
  6. Think it was a couple of hundred € + P&P but I’ll double check and confirm as I’d asked for a few extras.
  7. Will do for sure. I'm in two minds myself about the burr carrier, its that or the alignment tool :')
  8. Cheers @unoll I wasn't very clear it was these puppies I couldnt find the size of....
  9. Thanks @fluffles Just the chamber initially then possibly grabbing a Titus revised carrier after.
  10. Does anyone know the screw size needed for the two in the back of the burr carrier used to turn the burrs during the sanding process? I haven't come across it and dont have any large enough kicking about at the minute so I'll need to buy a couple. Thanks in advance!
  11. Did this sell in the end? Is it open to offers if not?
  12. If you’ve paid with PP there’s nothing to worry about. Even if it’s a scam you’ll get the money back might just take a short while.
  13. Hi David, how old is it and have you had it from new? Thanks
  14. Well my wife mentioned pour over so I took that as permission to buy a grinder. It probably wasn’t, but I was willing to chance it ?
  15. Just need to find a space for her now.......
  16. Hi @fluffles does the redspeed coating aid with reducing static or is it simply burr longevity? Thanks in advance.
  17. To throw my 2p in. I always had to use one with the EK (more a stirrer than the grooming tool), with the mythos however it wasn’t needed at all, a couple of taps and it’s done. Sorry it’s not a definitive yes/no, but it’s all I have.
  18. I bought mine direct from them and as the total wasn't too high I didn't get hit with duty/VAT. That I suspect was entirely luck over judgement, but if you cant find a UK seller it might not sting too much.
  19. Had the pleasure of using one of these and it was pretty good. It looks the same collar size too, but I can’t be certain. http://www.orphanespresso.com/OE-Short-Stack-Compak-Mini-Hopper-with-Bean-Weight_p_5598.html
  20. Luckily it’s not even on my radar [emoji1]
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