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  1. I’ve been going through the coffee stuff I’d hoarded away and came across these two. One unused, one used twice if I recall (just being honest) before being put into safe keeping. That safe I forgot I had them. Now they’re surplus to requirements. They’re one offs from C&C and hand made and decorated hence the price. £45 for the pair inc P&P
  2. It's more for an notice of intent at the minute, but would anyone be interested in some of the commercial style LWW bean cellars? Looking at it, its probably easiest to order the set that has 100 in and take it from there. That came in at approximately £320 inc delivery, but not including the random factor (VAT/Duty). Once landing in good old Blighty any additional cost would simply be split evenly between the 100 items.
  3. Wish I could chief, but I’ve popped them on here as low as I can go. You’re welcome to give them a try before you make a choice if that helps?
  4. 8 x Silver DMSD 50 Pro Decouplers. Very light use as such are in excellent condition. Original box and documentation. #Blurb# The DMSD 50 Decoupling System has been developed with both the Studio and HiFi user in mind to provide an effective, professional grade speaker decoupling solution. Designed and manufactured in Naples, Italy by Dave Mastrodonato Studio Design, DMSD 50 Decouplers are crafted using the highest quality aerospace grade materials, which have been carefully selected based upon Dave Mastrodonato’s prior two decades of industry experience. His ultimate aim
  5. On the next video M, can we have a headset on with a talk through of the flavours you’re hoping to achieve, followed by the hand in the air and ‘time’ to finish in a WBC style? [emoji23]
  6. Loved everything except the pump and what seemed like a louder and more frequent (than the L1-P I had) switch that activated the element on and off. Now if an L1-P appears.... might have to hit the [emoji200]bank and go new if not.
  7. Not for me (honest . Im looking at a keeper, whatever that may be, this time.
  8. It must produce some of the best espresso out there, I’ve just had a look at the price!
  9. What does this remind me of.......... (seriously I've got a niggling feeling in the back of my mind about this machine, Vesuvius maybe?).
  10. Come on then @MildredM when will this be on the postie thread? https://www.coffeehit.co.uk/brewista-artisan-600ml-gooseneck-variable-temperature-kettle-iridescent.html
  11. No longer available. If a mod could do the honours please. Thanks
  12. Hi, Pretty sure the 150ml ones are the yellow and reds. Unfortunately I dont plan to split them as I dont have suitable packaging for posting two lots. I'd happily do a forwarding system if there were buyers for both sets but thats about it Im afraid. Hope that helps.
  13. All brand new and unused. All come with saucers I have no immediate urge to split them. These are not evo ones. 4 x flat white size (150ml) 4 x cappuccino size (190ml) 2 grey, 2 yellow, 2 blue and 2 red (with matching colour saucers). £50 collected from Sheffield (P&P can be arranged if required). They’re boxed so no images atm but you can google what they look like if you’re unfamiliar. Thanks for looking.
  14. Has anyone tried their code recently? I just went to make and order and the code was given a family fortunes style 'X' (not the same without the noise
  15. The only requirement is you feel smug enough in your ownership to continually bang on about other brands being inferior and repeating that at regular intervals [emoji13]
  16. Could we just have a 'Smug owners' subforum and save all the comments for there?
  17. Yeah I was kind of using that as a bench mark of being 2 years newer and immaculate at a guess. I’ll see if I can lease one, with my kit turnaround that might save me some money [emoji23]
  18. I don't want to pay more than its worth and it will make me coffee, thanks though boots
  19. Ive been tipped off about the chance to buy a 2014 KvdW Speedster. It’s been serviced annually and in good external condition. It’s not the most up to date version (shot timer looks different) and was used commercially previously. It comes with a new pump. So I was just wondering what I’d be looking at price wise as at the minute I’ve had a, let me have a think reply.
  20. Sorry it’s all sold I’m afraid.
  21. Just saw this on gumtree. The picture says, I clean bins, but the wording........
  22. All yours then @Tsangpa I'll drop you a PM shortly. Thanks @fatboyslim and @Syenitic for the updates, appreciated.
  23. ? I’ll let an admin clear it up and go with the house rules. I don’t think any hearts will be broken in the long run [emoji3]
  24. Hi @Syenitic @fatboyslim , if you can agree how to spilt the £60 price I'm happy to split the items (without trying to cause a rift the keyboard will be the more expensive) postage wont be anymore than £3.95 each (assuming both UK based). So just for clarity (as I know some love clarity £60 + PP and you can sort the split in costs so you're both happy (well other than parting with money If you sort out a price split you're both happy with just ping me a reply on here. Thanks again
  25. I've been politely asked to get a keyboard that's a little less 'clicky' and being a keen subscriber to the happy wife, happy life philosophy I've done exactly as asked [emoji4] so my beloved Razer keyboard (and mouse as you can’t mix brands [emoji4] are for sale. The keyboard is a Razer Blackwidow Ultimate Elite (I know it needs a /flex after that [emoji4] 2014 edition (purchased mid 2015) and is in as good a condition as you could wish for (images attached). Always cleaned, only used when gaming and excellent condition. It has Cherry MX Blue mechanical switches that have never missed a
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