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  1. Yep, works for me. PM me the details and we can close off this thread as sold.
  2. @risky I'm pretty central in town (https://goo.gl/maps/eaW6SPjn1G12). Happy to accept the offer, but I doubt I'll be much use getting it very far north, Birmingham is about the furthest north I get these days In principle, I have no problem sending it insured by courier, but I've had bad experiences posting things this heavy before, so I'd really prefer not to.
  3. I didn't have it new, as mentioned I got it from Eric. It's as good today as it was when I got it though, I don't know if Eric did any bedding in of the burrs.
  4. I'm sure I read somewhere that the LE's burrs were different to the standard EK (even with the new coffee burrs), but I'm not sure where I read it. I checked http://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?27825-Mahlkonig-EK43LE-Burrs&highlight=EK43LE as the most obvious source of this kind of info but there was no mention. Either way, I'll update the post to remove that info as I can't cite anything to support it.
  5. I'm reluctantly selling my EK43 LE (#213), bought on here from @EricC about 5 months ago. I'm selling it because I've developed a sensitivity to caffeine, and coffee is not an occasional treat rather than an everyday thing. As a result, I can't justify the money (or space) investment of having the EK around in the kitchen any more. It's in great condition inside and out, with only a slight scratch on the corner (show in the picture below). It was bought from CoffeeOmega, and comes with everything it did as new. To preempt the important question, the grinder is 41cm high up to the collar. It does come with the mini hopper, but I've been single dosing into the collar since I got it and it's been no problem at all. Goes without saying that it does a fantastic job (probably why I drank too much coffee in the first place), the dial goes up to 16 instead of 10 on the standard EK, which gives more precision without needing an aftermarket dial. No offers please, I bought it for a great price and I'm selling it for the same price (although it's probably worth more). Collection from Cheltenham only.
  6. @jlarkin Assuming you're using the EK43 for this, mind sharing what settings you're on? I have an LE, so it doesn't map well, but things really improve when I tighten things up to around 7.5-7 on my crazy dial.
  7. Agreed, I've always been happy with the service (and product) in the past - and this thread reminded me to finally cross the Rwanda Gashonga Lot #6 off my list of coffees to try! Should make a nice mid-LSOL break from the Barn mystery beans...
  8. The problem with this coffee is it's too bloody tasty! I get buckets of very pleasant grapefruit acidity, and I keep absent mindedly drinking the whole cup before I let it cool. I once managed to get it cool enough by taking some with me in a kleen kanteen and drinking it a few hours later, and got a very nice sweet cup with apricot and orange flavours. I'm brewing exclusively in the Brazen, with 50% WE / 50% Volvic at 94c and a 30s presoak. Dose was 34g/600ml this morning (around 56.6g/l) which tasted about right for me. Anyone else with a Brazen doing something different?
  9. I don't know what kit you're using, but surely you'd expect fresh beans ground with an EK43 and presumably brewed with RO water to taste great? If you want that same quality of coffee at home, then you need a similar grinder with a tight particle distribution, fresh beans and good water, that's all. A refractometer won't help you get more taste out of your brews, your best bet is to follow your tastebuds. Higher extractions are not always tastier for a given bean / brew method. If you're really desperate to spend money, it sounds like you should be investing in a better grinder. I would recommend a feldgrind if you're looking at that kind of budget, I've used it to make a decent enough V60, but understandably theres a big jump between that and an EK.
  10. Just FYI, no negotiating was done via PM. The offer was made in his post as per the rules, the PM simply contained his details.
  11. Sorry drude, Glenn beat you to it! Can a mod mark this as sold please?
  12. Selling my Coffee Catcha dosing funnel, fits perfectly on a 58mm portafilter. Useful for those who dose directly into the portafilter, and can be used to level the bed afterwards too. £48 new, I'm asking for £20 plus postage if required.
  13. Great. PM on the way DoubleShot. Can a mod mark this as sold please?
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