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  1. Pact's Altos de la Nubes (Guatemalan farm) espresso blend - lovely sweet apricot notes that come out with a bit of milk in a flat white!
  2. Just to echo all the positive comments above, we tend to visit Bristol once or twice a month from Gloucestershire and always try to drop into FCP (and Small St) for our fix. I've even tactically parked at Trenchard St when we're off shopping at Cabot Circus so we just happen to walk past twice in one trip...
  3. Hi all - I've been lurking for a while, and figured I'd join to (try to) give back after all the fantastic advice I've read on here. Currently using a Gaggia Classic (w/ PID, OPV mod, & steam wand upgrade) & Baratza Virtuoso for the versatility as we like to brew/immerse (Kalita Wave & Aeropress) a fair bit as well. We'll probably move on to something stepless for espresso now we've started to get the hang of things. Great community here from everything I've read in recent months, I'll look forward to taking part!
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