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  1. Kryptolok series 2 d-lock, from renowned bike lock manufacturers Kryptonite. The lock has a great build quality, but unfortunately is too big for my bike - the packaging for the lock has been opened and will be included but the lock has never been used. The d-lock also comes with an extra cable for added security. There is also an 'anti-theft offer' whereby Kryptonite will cover losses up to £800 of the bike being stolen - details are on the packaging you must simply register the lock online. Thanks
  2. Has anyone seen this deal from any other retailers? Was planning on waiting unti I recieved some bday money but both Harts and ecookshop are now sold out!
  3. I do not know enough about grinders to distinguish their worth so apologies if this grinder isn't well regarded. Currently £40 on ebay with5 hours to go - although it will obviously go up, there could still be a good deal. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/152049159225
  4. Sorry for the shameless plugging that your eyes are about to receive, but if any of the new sage DB owners are willing to sell the free grinder cheap I'd be extremely grateful!
  5. No it's the 2012 model, so pre phillips changes. Would that suggest it's the solenoid valve failing?
  6. My Gaggia classic has started to leak steam from the shower screen when switched to steam milk, which doesn't look healthy at all. Is this something that is just normal for classics, or is it a cause for concern? Many thanks
  7. This is an amazing deal but I recently bought a classic, I am very tempted to sell it just to purchase this set up
  8. Okay thanks for all the info, hopefully one day I'll make it to the big leagues haha
  9. How noticeable would the difference between a grinder like the 129euro graef and those such as the cimbali and jolly?
  10. I think this may be too far out of my budget I'm afraid - still a struggling student, it sounds like a great offer though
  11. Probably around £150 so I know that this limits matters unfortunately! I'm based in sheffield, don't really have any preferences and space isn't too much of an issue. Thanks for the replies
  12. I'm looking for a half decent / decent coffee grinder to pair with my recently purchased Gaggia classic, hoping it will give me a nudge in the right direction towards better espressos!
  13. Haha yes I thought i best not to name names anyway, I have messaged the seller now though. Thought I'd check that it wasn't just standard practise before I took one off
  14. 2 screens both fitted, I unscrewed the grub that holds it in place and two popped out, so was rather confused.
  15. I picked up a gaggia classic recently in the for sale section, and on disassembling to clean noticed that there are two shower screens. Is this normal for the model? Has it been done to improve the coffee in some way? On searching the internet I can't see any other examples of this. I may just be being very simple about the whole matter.
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