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  1. The ECM was 100% right for our needs but the grinder choice didn’t feel quite right that’s all. Apart from some pour overs our household enjoy flat whites using Oatly milk with barista sugar so chasing any marginal improvements in the cup via my grinder choice felt illogical. More importantly we need a slick method of swapping between various beans, decaf included. For me the XL would of felt like a make do compromise still so until I can get my hands on a P64 or similar high end SD machine the Specialta will do a similar job of the XL at a fraction of the cost. I’m sure the XL will
  2. @Dallahspot on advice all round... Such a fascinating hobby for sure. Listen, I’m in this as much as anyone else, my wife thinks I’ve gone completely mad. Maybe its the start of me mid life crisis who knows 😂... My Grinder rabbit hole had gone on long enough and although I’d prepaid BB for the bundle, I picked up the ECM and actually left the XL there. WTF ! The unbiased advice i received on the grinder was commendable from BB and Monday I should receive a shiny white Specialita instead. This will do until something more fitting to my needs becomes available. Sounds like there’s lots
  3. Correct me if I’m wrong but I’d expect the product out the box to be bob on! Surely Eureka can’t release a product to market that needs tinkering with to make it perform it’s best? 👀 Spoke with BB about this when I picked up the Synchronika and advised they sell approx 800 Mignons a year with less than 1% returned.
  4. Thanks for the heads up on the stickers. Think i’ve seen posts on wand temp and diy fixes on here somewhere. I’ll give BB a call tomorrow to run it past them for clarity. Btw they’ve been brilliant through the whole buying process. So helpful. Would recommend them to anyone ... yes only pulled two shots so far and loving it already. Can only get better when I move off the pre-grounds too!! already plugged into smart socket for the morning. Take away super coffee a must haha. have a list of accessories already in my basket inc of Acme / loveramics / lunar etc 😂 Happ
  5. Hi all Took delivery of the Synchronika yesterday. A little overwhelmed with the bling 🤑 tbh I thought the steam / hot water wands were cool to touch but are definitely not !! When ECM say cool touch do they mean cool to touch when on?? Appreciate your feedback guys 😁
  6. Evening all Good to see others finally receiving the XL and getting first hand experiences . A lot of speculation on what it is/how it performs so imagine lots of eyes on this thread👀 @GeezercdgI’m also collecting my new Synchronika / XL bundle from BB tomorrow afternoon 😬 so like yourself are on a new learning curve... Excited an understatement ! I can see that other new XL members have chipped into the post so keen to see their feedback and if the extra £200 over the Specialita was worth it 👀 👍
  7. Hovering over buy now on the Specialita. Do folk really struggle depositing 18g cleanly without a funnel ??
  8. Agree, also struggling to justify the additional costs for the step up. Haven’t found a side by side comparison review between the Specialita / XL, but saw the smaller grinder in action at BB at it appeared quieter with fluffier grind over my MKII. I’m also curious to know if the extra spend up to an XL / Atom is worth it particularly as 90% will be milky drinks??
  9. Pukka... Happy Birthday to you...🥳 Have pre ordered the Synchronika myself, expected mid Feb for my Birthday 🥳 Contemplating the BWT in line system from the off if i can as done with all the faff living with the Silvia for 5 yrs. Still undecided on the grinder tbh. Single dosed a MkII Mignon with the Silvia for long time. Was fairly consistent and served it well. Does your Mk III hinder the ECM at all? What ever i choose, I’ll continue to SD anyway but want to pair the ECM right and do it justice. 👍
  10. Upto 2.5k including a grinder. My concern is more of over killing it when it’ll get such little use in the week. When folk go out to work in week how does anyone make use of their machines? (Warm up on timer and slickly make take away latte for daily commute) Was told Exchange boiler would be best suited with fresh water to group head rather than stored water in dual boiler?? At weekends will be different story with Lots of time to enjoy tinkering with group head variable flow so not sure which boiler type would work best👍
  11. Thank you all for reply’s Ok, I’m now in a position to move up a gear 😁 Before i make my next purchase i would really appreciate your thoughts on the pros and cons between a Dual Vs Exchange Boiler against the following usage/requirements: Average Daily Pull loads @ Mon-Fri x2 shots (with milk) / Weekends x6 shots From warm-up, stable + consistent group head temp/pressure From Warm-up, Instant dry steam with plenty of oomph Capability to flow control Possibly looking to plumb in so anything to do with mainline pressure control. anything else imp
  12. Sold at asking price thank you
  13. Wow, mega journey 😆thank you for sharing and inspiring set up In process of moving up from MK1 Mignon / Silvia for soon to be new set up 👀 The Niche Vs MK2 Mignon ?? Would you explain the differences/experiences (pros n cons?) Also love the black scales.. link would be fab?? Hope you can help Be Lucky Gaz
  14. Hi Alex sorry for delay, I’ve only just seen your post. If you’re happy for it to be delivered by courier, I can make sure it’s packaged up in the best way I can and can share pictures of package before postage. I have no idea how much that might cost so you’ll have to organise that yourself and let me know the details. obviously, once it leaves me, responsibility for the package will be on yourself and the courier for safe delivery. If you want to go ahead, let’s move to PM to arrange details ? Thanks Gary
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