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  1. Hi, is this pre or post Phillips with the smaller solenoid?
  2. Hi a few people have enquired, I’ve sent him a message I’m just waiting for a response, I wouldn’t pass his details on without his consent I’m afraid as it’s not a business but a private individual
  3. beans over roasted to create sweetness via caramelisation [emoji2961] try some light African roasts and taste the fruits bounce out of the cup. Though Italian style roasts can be lovely when done well
  4. These “giant” espresso cups (box of 4) I do love an espresso cup as a gift though and some beans
  5. I have both and would say the opposite is true in my experience, the pro has a larger surface area this allows for greater radiant heat dispersal and more consistent shots
  6. A quick visit to Small Street espresso in Bristol yesterday. The piccolo sized cafe, has an unpretentious friendly feel, there are no tables or chairs, just a few communal benches and up-cycled furniture decor, so you do need to cwtch up (as we say on this side of the bridge). They have a sky blue La Marzocco espresso machine and a Mahlkonig grinder which they use to fashion vibrant espresso. The house blend had suitable depths of roastiness and lingering citrus fruits. The Raspberry muffin was lovely as well. Highly recommend [emoji1303]
  7. An edit would be great thanks [emoji23]
  8. Lol oh well I can’t edit the title, thank you though [emoji23]
  9. New micro lot beans arrived today, roasty with hints of fruit, lovely mouth feel and some pics
  10. Good read[emoji1303] nice to hear some others experiences
  11. So my new toy I had a CNC heat sink made for the La Pavoni .. 3 shots not rushing between each one beautiful coffee much more stable temperature than I would usually have .. I’m actually impressed. The first shot is without a flushed group head, the other 2 shots pull 2 and 3 were super consistent in flavour and temperature 63 degrees in the cup
  12. Nuova point are my favourite, but love the kitsch look to
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