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  1. Replied and monies sent. Thank you.
  2. If you are happy too good sir then so am I.
  3. Sorry forgot my password and just managed to get back on. I am sorted now thank you to everybody.
  4. If this is still available I’ll take it for £14 posted.
  5. Good afternoon, I’m looking for a cheap second hand Hario or Rhino grinder or such like to take travelling if anybody has one for sale I would be interested. Thanks
  6. If still available could I take the larger steaming jug and 5oz cup and saucer please
  7. I'd be very interested in this if you decide to sell it. Would make a nice addition to my new coffee making facilities in my kitchen.
  8. Good evening Ladies and gents. I have my my first machine, a Gaggia Cubika (stainless version), that I no longer require. The machine requires a thourgh cleaning and descaling to be running properly as it has been sat in a cupboard for nearly a year now do will require a service before use. Comes with double basket, portafilter, measuring spoon etc. looking to swap this for someone's spare items (VST basket or 57-58mm tamper) and postage cost (approx £10) as I've just picked up a Classic and need these any use use to someone who doesn't mind giving it a once over to be in per
  9. Also very new around here but I've found many good articles on these boards and many knowledgable members of the forum who can help. With your Barista experience I expect you know how to prepare and pull good shots and that your coffee will only be as good as the ingredients and effort that go into it. check out your local coffee houses (or ask in on the forum) for bean recommendations and recipie tips.
  10. That would be brilliant thank you, can you send me your postcode so I can look at arranging a courier. thank you Hairy_Hogg
  11. Please could you let me know when this goes back on eBay as I'm very interested in it.
  12. Thanks Mrboots2u, looks like my little Xmas pressie will be going on eBay then. Any advice for a starter grinder capable of a good espresso grind would be greatly accepted. as a complete 'newbie' to the scene what is the difference from the basket that came with my gaggia to a non-pressurised basket? (I've only ever used pre-ground coffee previously so I'm venturing out into the wilderness but looking forward to it )
  13. Thank you Rob, this forum has definitely been one of my best 'Google' finds
  14. Thank you very much for the warm welcome. I have to say it seems a very friendly place here. Fingers crossed for some new year bargains for me
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