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  1. Thanks very much Patrick the next door neighbour brought it into me last night. Was getting worried as it's my Christmas present from the wife. Better getting something you want.lol. Had a sneaky look which I got told off for and is exactly as describe. Thanks very much and have a merry Christmas.
  2. Does this work with a vst double basket. If so I will take it
  3. I owned both at the same time. I use a feldgrind for aeropress at work and the odd time for espresso at home before upgrading the SJ. The feldgrind can easily grind fine enough for espresso. In my opinion the grind quality was better on the SJ and slightly better taste in the cup. Feldgrind very easy to adjust from one brew method to the other but obviously more work involved.
  4. Do you eat anything? Lol. I'm just jealous mine tends to be full of pre-made baby meals.
  5. Just finished some Rave coffee and one of the beans was their Sumatra Jagong Village so will be interesting to see how this sample compares.
  6. This has now been picked up and can be moved to sold. Thanks.
  7. Dbeckett i would be willing to take £160 I can meet you somewhere.
  8. Yes it is still for sale. Due to my upgrade its been boxed up and sitting in the corner.
  9. Funny you should say that as he owns an old merc sprinter that he converted to a camper with an inverter in it. He uses it the odd time when stuck for work so technically.lol. Wouldnt like to put fuel in it. He has just purchased a Hausgrind so will be using it. I think he may consider some form of espresso machine for the house now. Upgraditus is strong in him as he hasnt even received the grinder or the aeropress yet.lol.
  10. Thanks everyone for the replies. I passed the comments on and he's just ordered an aeropress. Oh dear now hes asking me about a LA PAVONI Europiccola Deluxe EL from coffeeItalia. Ahim Hold on a minute thats not portable.lol.
  11. Thanks for the responses. Sorry should have said he travels to different locations and most of the time has access to a sink and a kettle. Yes probably right knowing him he will end up with a Rok.
  12. Looking some advice. I have a friend whos interested in the Rok and thinks he will get something resembling an espresso out of it. Having no experience of the Rok and from just reading info on the internet I think his money would be better spent on a aeropress. He tells me he prefers short drinks over filter. He travels around a lot for his work so it needs to be portable. He would nearly always have access to a kettle. I have invited him round for an aeropress to try and convince him but due to work commitments that will be next week and he has an itchy trigger finger to buy the Rok.
  13. My friend is looking one of these. I will take it at asking price delivered please. Many thanks
  14. Mazzer Super Jolly Aut for sale. £170 collected (NORTHERN IRELAND) or £200 insured delivery in the UK. Due to an upgrade i'm selling my SJ. I bought this grinder last year and have modded the doser with a funnel and have to say works pretty well and don't notice any clumping. Was considering the fudge funnel mod but didn't get round to it and this worked fine for me. The grinder is working perfectly and is in excellent condition. I purchased this off a fella who had the catering contract for a golf course and decided to start selling espresso etc. Well he bought all the gear and n
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