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  1. Stanic

    Profitec Pro 800

    I think you should get it it's a pretty good price for this great machine
  2. exactly, I've covered the forest strawberries in hope they'll survive
  3. the spring is here
  4. Stanic

    MBK Feld47

    I'm sure this will be quite enough for laPav yeah, it does grind slower, but also it feels smoother and maybe a bit easier? my hand does get tired from the weight of it if doing more shots could the advantage of the 47mm burr set be in a longer grind path?
  5. trip to Warsaw, always a good idea to enjoy a flat white at the Relaks café
  6. Stanic


    Ahaha Nothing to "ode" about To the OP - was there perhaps a drop in relative humidity?
  7. Nice, yeah you'll know what rocks your boat once you'll try many varieties of beans and processing methods. The freezer should work fine, I've been emptying mine for the last 9 months lol Key is to freeze smaller amounts that you'll use quickly (I'd freeze doses of around 100g)
  8. Hi! Nice tamper too :-) What are your favourite beans?
  9. around once a month or when we have guests
  10. I've ordered the Feld 47 on 22nd of March, it was posted on 3rd April and delivered to Poland on 10th
  11. Stanic

    MBK Feld47

    Ok I tried 1.8 and it was too fine, I've got a shot but took a bit too long
  12. I hope so I'm going to put around 2 kilos through
  13. Stanic

    MBK Feld47

    what setting are you guys using for espresso?
  14. Feld 47 travel Wow I'm in love, this is a really nice grinder Now for the painful breaking-in of the burrs procedure
  15. Nice, so you've got both handle styles
  16. alt-right vocabulary? why am I not surprised
  17. Hi, that's a nice setup, have you given adding a PID to miss Silvia a thought? I had Silvia and adding the mecoffee PID made a big difference
  18. If you can live with hand grinding, there are cheaper options available
  19. hi! PID is a great addition, will help to make nice shots I'll say, get the Niche
  20. VST are individually tested for accuracy so should be better and more expensive, but the IMS ones aren't too bad at all, be aware that there are various types depending on hole design (number and distribution)
  21. a fair price IMO, I've got the pre-production travel version (feldgrind/aergrind style handle and lid) from them for the same price
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