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  1. big thanks to @MildredM who enabled me to finalise the setup to perfection
  2. You can also add flow control from other manufacturers It works well
  3. Stanic

    Mara X

    yeah, I already drooled over it today excellent work
  4. I only got that one as there was a sale they're nice aren't they
  5. Stanic

    Mara X

    With regards to cleaning, I'd say yes
  6. The walnut knobs are very nice to look at as well as to fondle 😜
  7. Yeah that Atom for sale would be great for that price and serve you a long time
  8. Stanic

    Mara X

    the E61 200 IM (Integrated Membrane)
  9. oh god when I worked as a wedding photog this song always marked the time of massive vodka necking
  10. Stanic

    Mara X

    I only used the metal cup probably 3 times to transfer ground coffee and only weight the beans in it since I started to grind in the PF...I am stirring the whole thing properly the good thing with the meCoffee was also that you could set the boiler element recovery % using the temp graph in the app for its fine tuning - but this also depended on how long the machine was on of course but it was all really easy to observe and change as necessary wifi connection with parameters tuning should be mandatory in every machine LOL
  11. so finally wow and you're killing it with that song what are those numbers, temp, steam pressure, pre-infusion volume and brew volume?
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