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  1. Fujifilm has lovely cameras and really sweet lenses
  2. Stanic

    Saint Greta

    I almost forgot why I stopped visiting these forums, thanks for the reminder https://www.independent.co.uk/news/long_reads/women/greta-thunberg-climate-change-crisis-strike-austism-misogyny-protest-speech-a9127971.html
  3. Money received, will be posting tomorrow. It was a pleasure to deal with #mayorcesar (how to link a user again? :D)
  4. Stanic

    Mara X

    yeah probably it would be worth spending some of your time with it
  5. Stanic

    Mara X

    Polish distributor has put it on their website for 5100 PLN so around 1200 euro..not too bad
  6. I am also selling the Baristla Hustle tamper, made of white plastic. This is a 58,4 mm tamper with base, that is easily replaceable. It was used a little. Looking for 25 euro via PayPal, postage included
  7. Hi all, long time no see I am moving on some items I am not really using and selling them could help me to fund some other stuff. For sale is a set for making espresso at your home or office or anywhere else with beans and hot water available. This will also enable you to do pressure profiling and won't take much space on your countertop. It is ideal if you don' t need to steam milk and make few espressos a day (such as one in the morning and one in the evening). It is quiet in use (no pump) and you can get from zero to espresso in around 7 minutes. The workflow (with a different grinder) can be observed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3fz9QcqYiiY The brew unit Portaspresso HC-P has a pressure gauge and is made from brass, so quite substantial with good thermal properties. I've added some extra silicone bands to the "brew head" to prevent burning your hands, there is also an extra silicone group head gasket. It comes with original tamper, stand, large spouted portafilter (for triple baskets), original single, double and triple baskets, extra naked portafilter and extra IMS precision double basket, also an extra dosing cylinder made by Norvin. I also include extra original group head gaskets. The grinder is madebyknock Feld 47 travel, high quality precision grinder, perfect to go with the brew unit. I've put under 5 kilos of coffee through, so it is in excellent condition and ready to grind for your espresso. I am looking for 500 euro via PayPal for the whole set, postage included. Pics follow:
  8. Stanic

    Profitec Pro 800

    I think you should get it it's a pretty good price for this great machine
  9. exactly, I've covered the forest strawberries in hope they'll survive
  10. the spring is here
  11. Stanic

    MBK Feld47

    I'm sure this will be quite enough for laPav yeah, it does grind slower, but also it feels smoother and maybe a bit easier? my hand does get tired from the weight of it if doing more shots could the advantage of the 47mm burr set be in a longer grind path?
  12. Stanic


    Ahaha Nothing to "ode" about To the OP - was there perhaps a drop in relative humidity?
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