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  1. I had it once too..had to get in the bed and sweat it out 😁wasn't pleasat at all
  2. 1. Pull a double shot 2. Pull 2nd double shot while simultaneously steaming the milk in a large jug 3. Pour the milk in
  3. Stanic

    Mara X

    Sorry, it is unclear as I wrote it in that post. The rule applies to the 1:2 ratio, so you want to set the grinder so that you get for example 18g - > 36g in 36 seconds. That would be a starting point. The 51ish grams output in 51 seconds would ask for a 25ish grams input (there's a 25g vst basket on the market). What I do is that first I dial in the grinder for the above mentioned rule and then when making espresso, I cut the shot before I reach the 1:2 ratio. So, it is not a real ristretto but a shortened shot. From 15g input I want to get around 20g, from 18g I usually
  4. the white hell has begun early this year
  5. Northern Covid spreading faster because it's hard as f**king nails
  6. yes, a 350 ml jug will help with controlling the frothing
  7. I've done two roasts in the Gene with these, lots of rum, bananas and slight hint of forest strawberries? 😛
  8. Stanic

    Mara X

    you are getting watery shot at 3.3 grinder setting and choking the machine at 3...sounds weird
  9. Sounds like different burrs really, I have a kickstarter one and 16 grams at 1.2 setting take about 1.5 minutes
  10. The Aergrind is, based on my experience, capable with almost any roast (except that light Nicaragua from hasbean 😛 ) Cafelat is basically a one man band but well established and reliable, run by Paul Pratt who is a rather experienced bloke in the coffee world. I don't know why he only sells it from his own website but probably wanted to keep the price lower? Or the demand is too high? Judging by his Instagram he still finishes the Robots individually by hand in his workshop, it seems.
  11. Stanic

    Mara X

    The scale will first start to form on the heating elements and reduce their efficiency, so I would still advise to do the light descaling (~2% citric acid solution) as prevention
  12. Get the black niche zero and don't look at it 😁
  13. Stanic

    Mara X

    As long as the water is good, you won't need to descale really, perhaps a light descale once every 2 years or so
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