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  1. Shocking! Happens a lot to us as well
  2. I believe you can roast perfectly fine with smaller roasters as well.
  3. Bump! We have another opening. Please let me know if you are interested.
  4. Hi Kate, Good to hear you had a great time! Your kit sounds spot on, enjoy
  5. Glad you had a good welcome sorry I missed you, hopefully meet you next time
  6. Scotford, I did the same as you AND pulled the same face haha! Shame to ruin coffee like that - leave it pure if you ask me
  7. Hi @froggystyle The roasting course is really an introduction to roasting. I teach this on a private basis and we have fun with roasting coffee on the Gene Cafe and also on the Fracino Roastilino. You will not see any commercial coffee roasters as the roasting course is for people who are wanting to try roasting at home or maybe on a very small scale in a coffee shop. We roast various coffees but what is really fun is that we roast the same coffee to the same colour but in very different ways (just to show it is not about a colour). We then blind cup the coffees together to see if we can match the cup with the roast profile. Really good fun! Hope you can make it. Youri
  8. YouriV


    Hi Malc (and guys), We welcome you to come over and have a coffee, just give us a heads-up as we are usually teaching every day We have usually three espresso blends in stock here and also stock some single origins now as well. Thanks for the kind words guys! Youri
  9. We have a position available with immediate start. Interested? Please talk with Youri at Limini Coffee. Be quick as we expect to fill this job rather quickly!
  10. Hi Paula, You could also look at the La Spaziale S1 Armonia. This is a manual fill espresso machine. You can view it here for a bit more info: http://www.liminicoffee.co.uk/espresso_coffee_machines.html Any questions feel free to send us an email. Hope that helps, Youri
  11. Hi Will, Not sure if you have made a decision yet, but if we can help you in any way please do let me know. Good luck with everything, Youri
  12. Thank you all so much from everybody here at Limini. Youri
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