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  1. Excellent, sold subject to payment. If you want to PM me your address I will quote for postage and let you know the options. Cheers
  2. Hi, I started out with this machine and found it perfect. I found the pressure gauge useful to gauge whether I was way out when starting out. instructions are included - they are very useful.
  3. Hi, I haven't used anything except for those which came with the machine. As far as I'm aware they take 54mm baskets.
  4. No problem. Will keep you in mind.
  5. Thanks Gerry - will dig out the receipt to confirm the purchase date. No problem - let me know if you want to make an offer.
  6. Hi Benji, looking for a bit more than £220. Hi Gerry, this was bought by myself from John Lewis.
  7. Hi, I have for for sale my Sage Barista Express. The machine is around 18 months old and has been used intermittently. I would estimate it has been used for around 300 cups. It has been great, the reason for sale is due to upgrade. the machine is in great condition, has been maintained and well looked after. All accessories are included inc; 2 pressurised and 2 unpressurised filters, original cleaning tools, razor, cleaning tabs, original milk jug and replacement water filters. £300 + P&P. Can collect from Swansea, Wales or can post. Prices start from around 5.99 for next da
  8. Cheers, I have had a read of the thread and also had a look round at other reviews, this is the reason I have chosen lakeland with their lifetime guarantee, in case of any problems. I want something that I can make a good espresso on in a short amount of time but also allows me to dial in my own settings to get the most out of my beans and for this the barista express seems perfect for me.
  9. I'm now looking at a Sage Barista Express - can get one for 465 with a pricematch and lifetime guarentee from lakeland - I understand the grinder won't be as good is if i spent £200+ on a standalone grinder but it meets my needs and takes up less space.
  10. Excellent - any advice of what to look for when buying a used Gaggia Classic? I'm looking through the forums at the moment trying to read up as much as I can! Also for around 100 would i be best getting a hand grinder initially?
  11. Timer sounds like an option. It will only be me using the machine my girlfriend isn't much of a coffee drinker and is happy drinking nespresso, so unless I make her something on the new machine she'll continue to use that. I am looking for something espresso based. What sort of time am i looking at to prepare an espresso using a Gaggia classic if I was to use a timer to turn it on? Cheers.
  12. I was leaning towards the Classic the only reason I considered a bean to cup is time restrictions in the morning etc but that's a sacrifice i feel I'll have to make. Cheers for the advice
  13. Hi all, I'm looking at getting an espresso machine (upgrading from a nespresso). I motly drink lattes, with the ocassional espresso and americano. I have a budget of around £250 would I be best getting a low end bean to cup or a used Gaggia Classic and grinder? Cheers, Chris
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