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  1. All comments are good, I'm under no impression that I have cracked it and it has occurred to me that when I change my beans (and I will) and may/will need to re adjust. The primary reason for adding my post was that I was heading down a path that was unlikely to achieve what I wanted and I suspect there may be others on the same path. How long after button press the pour begins and how the puck looks after the shot seem to be a couple of good indicators of how good the grind is and if I'm likely to get a good extraction, hopefully there's some sound logic in that and with a bit of luck will gi
  2. When I say I'm tasting the shot I mean I have tried lots of variation on shot time, running the shot for 20-22 seconds so far gives me a cup without too much bitterness, surely it does not matter how much the shot weighs, if it tastes bad, it's bad!
  3. So after much tinkering I'm getting a shot I'm much happier with. I suspect I may have been grinding too fine causing channeling (there were holes in my puck after extraction) as a result my shot was getting over extracted = bitter. A slightly courser grind and my shot starts to pour after about 6-7 seconds after button press (previously taking around 10 seconds, Gaggia classic). My post-shot-puck is dryer (before it was a bit sloppy) and without any holes. I'm running my shot for 20-22 seconds (from button press) and tasting not weighing the result to get the shot I want. My grinder is an
  4. If cleaning was the problem my shots would taste better post clean but there's absolutely no difference I do remove the shower screen and clean behind, there's a little residue but no real muck. My coffee shops use a water filter, I seriously doubt that where I live! I'll coarsen my grind, try 16:48 and see where that takes me.
  5. I'll give the longer shot a try, how many gms out would you recommend I aim for?
  6. I've never looked to see if I have an in-print post shot, I'll look and try the coin thing on my next attempt. I have been using the 1:2 ratio since I posted on here a few months back, bitter taste being the reason. before then I was using a coarser grind, same shot time and getting about 40gms out. Still tasted bad. I keep my equipment very clean, sponge down the shower screen after every shot, back flush the machine every couple of Kg of coffee. Shot temperature seems fine, it's hot I have a double filter basket from Happy Donkey, no 'c', it's not a pressurised basket. Water, just ta
  7. I have my grind fineness and dose time set with the target of 28gms after 25-30 seconds (it's never exact, roughly the same but always tastes awful!). I have an in-print of the shower screen/screw in my puck after extraction, I have asked in previous posts and the general advice seemed to be a 14gm dose.
  8. Gaggia Classic (OVP adjusted), Iberital MC2 grinder. For 3 years I have been trying to make decent coffee but so far not a single decent cup. I weigh in my dose 14g, I weight out my dose 28g (25-30 second extraction). All of my cups are soooo bitter, really horrible. Coffee shop coffee tastes infinitely better than mine, sweeter, nutty. Today I tried pulling a double shot into 2 glasses to create a single shot but it just tastes thin watery and bitter. I use fresh beans (Rave) and have tried many different blends and single origins but all taste bad. This cannot be that hard! Any suggestions?
  9. With regard to 'has the liquorice gone' I've only my last cup to go by, a flat white. It seemed much better but I find milk based drinks masks some of the flavour, I'll go back to an americano and keep measuring, weighing, tweaking over the week. By the end of the week I'll know if I've rid myself of the liquorice.
  10. Thanks all. I've learnt more here in 2 days than I have over the last 2 years and definitely feel like I'm a lot closer to getting the most from my equipment and a much better shot.
  11. I'm not trying to reduce shot time, just trying to get closer to where I need to be. Working dogs comment 'Sounds like you are getting closer to a good starting point' implies 28g over 25-30 seconds is just the beginning. With the Gaggia classic, Is a 10 second pause after button press before the pour starts normal?
  12. Weight in 14g, shot time 25 seconds (35 seconds from button press). Starting point!! if I get to 28g out over 25-30 seconds is there still room for improvement?
  13. First attempt with a finer grind has given me around 35g out. It takes about 10 seconds for the shot to start to pour after pressing the button, I thought the machine was going to choke completely, it freaks me out a bit, am I risking overloading my machine? The shot's tasting better!
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