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  1. Just thought I’d post here as well, I know it’s an old thread but this might help someone searching on this topic in the future. Anyway, I run a hybrid shop as well, I’m predominantly a shop (handmade crafts, ceramics etc) and art gallery, but I’ve also got a coffee bar as we’re next to a commuter train station and well I really wanted to be able to drink tasty espresso all day, rotate some single origins and have an outlet for our roastery. The unit is A1 (well based on it previously being a shop) and I’ve had no issues. But I don’t do any food or have any seating, just takeout. Speaking to the council it does seem to be a grey area but the advice I’ve had is that as long as it’s ancillary to something else (the shop) I’m ok. It seems some seating would also be fine as well (but then you need to consider if you need a loo), I think difficulties could arise when it becomes for all intents and purposes a predominantly sit in cafe or does hot food prep etc, although I haven’t looked into the food side much as we don’t do it. I’ve also since met other business owners who run sit in coffee shops and shops as A1, councils can be flexible and as long you don’t go out your way to break rules you should be ok. To anyone reading this in the future, good luck! Before I opened a read a lot of worrying (and exaggerated) info related to the above on some business sites and forums etc, but your best bet is have a decent conversation with the council or other local businesses as it differs by area. Also be honest with yourself, are you trying to do a cafe as A1 or are you genuinely looking for a mixed shop/some coffee concept. (If you have a google there are examples of cafes as A1 only as well, again it differs by the approach in each council area). Ah, and read up on permitted development rights as well, as mentioned above if it’s of a certain size and not a listed building you could be onto a winner if you do decide to move from A1 > A3.
  2. Oh eek thanks for flagging Rob. To be honest I’m not sure! I use squarespace for all hosting and payment and normally they’re rock solid but I’ll flag it with them and see if they have any incidents. ��I may need to disable Apple Pay as an option as I know someone else had an issue last month using it. If I can work it out, will PM you
  3. Ah cheers guys! Really appreciate the feedback, I’ve been a little quiet recently as just opened up a shop/speciality coffee bar and it’s taking up... well all the time I have and more! But we’ll be getting a fresh drop of beans in next month, on the hunt for some more naturals and hopefully expanding our roasting later in the year once the shop beds in. Cheers, Joel.
  4. New crop natural Rocko Mountain landing very soon(hopefully end of the month/early next)! Been waiting on this for a good few months now, I was blown away by the initial sample so can't wait to get this out there.
  5. I think we really need to face into some of the challenges brought up in this thread, perhaps even take some conversations offline? There's definitely some low hanging fruit we can go after if we ask the question, follow up on our actions and produce an actionable roadmap aligned to our 5 year plan to deliver the required business capability, just need to make sure we're all singing from the same hymn sheet and perhaps work up an initial straw man..... My favourite phrase I've heard though is 'Lets do a dry run to get slick on this' - Ha! Edit - Ah I forgot another one - Referring to something as a 'burning platform', as in 'We really need to address this burning platform, lets look at it in our accelerated solution environment'... I've spent a lot of time in the past working with Gartner, PWC etc - A phase I've actually heard before...
  6. Cupped the new crop Rocko Mountain today, absolutely blown away - I love it anyway but the aroma and funk seems to be more pronounced than previous crops! Can't wait to get it in.
  7. Ah thank you! I've been waiting for these to re-appear in Aldi/Lidl!
  8. What extenders are you using? Is it a home plug driven extender? I had many hours of fun with some WPA4220 homeplugs and a VM superhub, I sold them in the end as I didn't have the stamina to send them back from where they came (the gates of hell). They were perfect however if, like me, you had nothing better to do with your time and enjoy spending the best part of a Sunday locked in a battle of wits with an inanimate piece of plastic - A battle I lost... repeatedly. But yes, WiFi issues, such joy.... Good luck! I opted for a bog standard WiFi repeater in the end which mostly seemed to fix my problems. On a more helpful note though, if your having issues reconnecting via the extender after a period of time, it might be worth checking to make sure there is no DHCP or IP lease issues, you can assign fixed IP's to your devices via the SuperHub admin page. As others have mentioned, house layout and other electrical devices could also interfere, particularly if you're in an old stone built house. For example my main router is downstairs next to the chimney stack, if I cross onto the other side of the chimney stack on any floor, the WiFi drops, I may only be one floor above and metres apart, but if I'm on the wrong side of the stack, WiFi goes. One other thing to look at is your SuperHub, is it a dual band version that is running both 2.4 & 5 (I think the lights will indicate this), or an older model that only does one or the other? If you can, make sure both 2.4 & 5 is enabled, if it's one of the other, I'd personally opt for 2.4 and switch to an empty channel and see if that helps. Cheers!
  9. Hello! As mentioned above Tambourine Coffee would be a great place to start! They opened their doors last week towards the top of Saltaire on Bingley Road and have North Star on espresso along with a small menu of tasty goodness. Not strictly coffee related but here's some of my picks for Saltaire: Curryosity - Bingley Road again, a new curry restaurant, small and cafe like inside but different and interesting indian food, very very good, Salts Mill - Hockney, the Canteen, a great home shop (has a few interesting bits of Chemex merch for sale, such as cork coasters and pin badges) and one of the best book shops going, Victoria Hall - Depending on when you're going, this might have an event on, this week is a CAMRA festival for instance, Cap & Collar - A great craft beer bar, small inside but good selection of beers, All Terrain Cycles - If you like bikes (bike and coffee people seem to go together), a nice mountain and road bike shop next to the Mill, a lot of Orange in stock and worth a nosey, The Boathouse - If the weather is good, nice for a pint by the water and overlooking the park, The Hop - Another great pup with good pizza, General sight seeing - Roberts Park is worth a wander, as is seeing the church and weather permitting a walk along the canal into Hirst wood Hope the above is of some use, we live right in the village and these would be some of my picks for a day. Have a good time:good: Joel SaveSave
  10. Thanks Hibbsy! Sorry about the initial mixup, hope you enjoy them!
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