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  1. Thanks mate, great tip as I wasn’t sure on the full cost direct
  2. Thanks mate, much appreciated!
  3. Sounds like a plan, just wanted to make sure a 1zpresso / Kinu wasn’t overkill for non espresso machine methods but looking like it’s worth going for it either way. Great shout on the IMS basket - I was just getting head deep into research on that lol Any idea what kind of price I should be looking at for a post millennium La Pav?
  4. Unfortunately it did mate, seriously wish I’d have kept it all but the Mrs was on my case whilst we were moving and I let it all go super cheap... Seen the JX Pro in stock at BB, there’s a Kinu I’ve seen at £250 too but not sure it’s worth the extra £60 (plus postage)
  5. Hi! I was part of the coffee world and stumbled on CFUK several years ago which led me down the dark rabbit hole of buying a Gaggia Classic and a Mazzer grinder (forget whether it was a Mini or a Jolly). After a break I’m back! This time with the wife’s permission haha. Lockdown and working from home has led me to wanting a new setup as my wife made me get rid of the old one when we moved. I’m after some advice on which setup to go for. It’s mainly for me and I’m not a big fan of milky drinks so steaming isn’t a big need, just a nice to have in case someone is over. Budget is fairly open, ideally looking to spend around £500 on the grinder and machine but could be tempted to go up. Option 1) Moka pot and Cevze (Turkish coffee) plus maybe the odd french press with 1zpresso JX or Kinu M47 Option 2) La Pavoni or similar lever machine with 1zpresso JX (maybe Pro) or Kinu M47 What are people’s thoughts? Will I be missing out on by not getting an espresso machine? Prices seem to be fairly high for second hand machines at the moment too. Other question - is a 1zpresso / Kinu overkill for a Moka pot set up?
  6. I would save that £50 and put it towards a better grinder, either hand grind for now or possibly get your local roaster to grind up for you - it'll be better than the supermarket stuff. Alternatively I have a Bodum Bistro Conical Burr thing (unmodded) that you can have if you're willing to pick up from North London. It's definitely not the best thing in the world and won't give you consistently fine grinds but will start you off if you don't want to hand grind. There are also some mods on this forum to improve the grind quality of this grinder - I was going to go down this route but bought a Super Jolly instead Now here's to hoping I don't get shot for mentioning Bodum
  7. As above really, a good grinder will help get consistently fine grinds but that is not the only element in pulling a good shot. Try looking at dosing, distribution, etc to help with spraying shots.
  8. Welcome and I'm sure you'll get the post count up quick enough! Mignons have good praise on here but why not take a look at the Mazzer Super Jollys too? Not too far away from where you're looking price wise I don't think
  9. Welcome, I have a ton of family out in Brisbane Hopefully you won't miss the sunshine too much!
  10. Awesome thanks guys - coffechap is in touch
  11. amansherg


    Welcome and yes very slippery slope - your evenings will disappear in coffee research! Plenty of threads and advice on this forum and it helped me make my first steps into the coffee world with a Gaggia Classic but remember to budget for a very good grinder to match your machine and look into where you can get good beans from too.
  12. I'm only new to the coffee world but from what I've read and understand I'd say go finer and tamp lighter - finer grinding gets better extraction on the whole right? As most people will say here it's what's best in the cup so maybe try going a touch coarser with a harder tamp and then the other way and letting us know what you think tastes yummier Be very intrigued to know what the outcome is
  13. Welcome to the forums! I'm also a newbie but can definitely recommend a Classic - that's what I ended up going for and can only say great things despite my less than perfect skills at the moment. When you end up pulling an awesome tasting shot it's a pretty amazing feeling
  14. Mazzer SJ for circa £200? Yes please! I've been trawling "the bay" looking for one of these but they tend to come in around £350. Once I'm formally initiated into the forum I'll take a look at the For Sale section and I'm also guessing that waiting until after Christmas might be a good bet too
  15. Thanks for the welcoming comments. Coffeechap - if you don't mind me asking but what made you go towards a lever machine? For the distant future I'm possibly thinking I may go down this route but wanted to find out a little more about pros and cons etc. Did you use pump machines before you went lever?
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