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  1. Thanks hotmetal :-) It seems then that there's no hard and fast rule as to when to clean - it depends on the standard of each user. OK, well I'm going to start backflushing with water every other day then and maybe after each month I'll use the detergent. Thanks again for your input ;-)
  2. Hi all I recently bought my NS Oscar brand new and have had it around 3 weeks. I've probably run around 25 cups through it so far. The only cleaning I've done is after each cup I run hot water through the empty PF after emptying the puck out, then clean it and leave the PF to dry. I also clean the shower screen with a a paper tissue after each use. But I'm not sure exactly what to do regards backflushing. With the machine came a blind filter as well as a big tub of 'Dusty Caff' detergent. As far as I can make out, I need to fill the blind filter with a little detergent now again and run the machine for 10 seconds, leave it 10 seconds, and so forth for 5 times (?) Am I on the right track? Can someone be more specific with the instructions before I go ahead, please? I feel a proper noob but I can't seem to find any exact instructions on what to do with the Oscar. How often do I need to backflush with the Dusty Caff? How often do I need to backflush with just water? If it helps, I make between 1-2 cups a day. Many thanks in advance
  3. Thanks for the tip. Just ordered one now ;-)
  4. Well I now have sitting in the kitchen my Mazzer... Lux. Yes, it turned out that he didn't exactly know what it was! However, I thought about it and although it's not a Super Jolly, the Lux seems to be between the SJ and the Mini, so for the price it still seemed a good buy (I can always move it on in the future without losing much). He offered to take it back if I'm not satisfied with it, which was fair. But I've just dialled in the grind for the beans I'm using, and the cup was fantastic! It's definitely a step up from my Ascaso i2 grinder. I've got to get used to the doser and I also need the shortest hopper so it can fit under the cupboards. And this thing is so solid - I reckon it'll outlast me :-D So all in all, I'm most satisfied even though it didn't turn out to be a Super Jolly Thanks once again for your replies. (Can someone tell me how to delete a thread? I can't see the option anywhere)
  5. I know, I know... I'll let you know how it goes though, either way
  6. Just a quick update. I went with the Oscar and I've had it a week now. WHAT a difference! Along with the new machine, I've bought beans roasted the same day and again, WHAT a difference! Now, hopefully I get my new grinder tomorrow and then we're sorted... for now Thanks a bunch for all your help - it's much appreciated
  7. I also just want to say that this forum has been really helpful so far. On another forum I belong to, I've just seen this question get deleted by the admin! All I wanted was a quick "yes" or "no" reply - as stated, I'm going to delete this post tomorrow...
  8. Thanks a lot for the helpful advice NickdeBug ;-) And thanks to all you others who have replied. I'll arrange to meet him tomorrow then! I'm super chuffed to know I've got a bargain - especially being a Yorkshireman!!! :-D
  9. I've got the opportunity of buying a Mazzer Super Jolly that's only been used to test it works OK. It's a guy who works for a coffee distribution company and he won it in a barista competition. He's never used it as it's too big for his kitchen. So it's basically brand new after having half a bag of beans run through it. We've agreed on €250 ($270, £185) which I reckon is a good price for one of these grinders. I was all set to buy a Eureka Mignon or similar, but this looks a far better buy. So, should I go for it? If so, is there anything I need to look out for, even though it's new? Thanks. Btw, I'll delete this post tomorrow as I'm posting the same on other forums to get as many responses as possible.
  10. That's the thing - I don't need to switch like you. It's on a German coffee/equipment site (I think it's a reputable dealer, but my German is non-existent!)
  11. Well I finally received my new NS Oscar coffee machine and am thoroughly enjoying it. There's so much to learn though! I now realise I need a new grinder. The Ascaso i2 I have now (bought second hand a few years ago) is the weak link. After lots of reading I've narrowed it down to 2 grinders: Eureka Mignon - €302 ($330, £222) inc. shipping Mahlkonig Vario - €379 ($415, £280) inc. shipping I'm favouring the Eureka because of the price, sturdiness and favourable reviews. I haven't read any reviews that convince me the Vario is definitely worth getting over the Eureka (some put the Eureka slightly above the Vario and vice versa). I only drink espressos and cappuccinos so don't need to switch grinds. I must say, the Vario does look pretty tacky (although I'll always go for the quality in the cup rather than the housing) BUT, I've also read good things about the following:- Compak K3 Touch Advanced Fiorenzato F4E Nano Macap MC4 (doserless) Cunill Tranquilo (latest 'Tron' version) Would any of these be the better bet? I've set my budget limit to €400, but if there's anything that will be a significant improvement I'm willing to stretch to €500. I've also considered second hand but the worry would be as to how well the grinder has been treated and used since new. Also, here in Spain the second hand market is very limited. I could buy from the UK though, as my parents send stuff out to me here now and again. Well, thanks in advance for reading through the post and your suggestions/comments
  12. OK, so here's my situation... I've had a Demoka machine (made in Spain) for the last 10 years. I bought it new (here in Spain) for €99 (don't laugh!). I have used bottled water in it and have never de-scaled it (!). It has run great until recently, when it seems to have lost a little pressure and the shots sometimes don't come through. Anyway, looking at all the recent machines in the shops there only seems to be cheap and nasty pod machines available and the most basic (and plasticky) espresso machines. That's when I realised I would have to order on-line if I wanted anything of decent quality. So the big question was, WHICH machine should I buy? I'm willing to spend around the £3-400 mark for a NEW (I prefer new to second-hand) machine and simply want the best for that money. It didn't take long browsing forums such as this one as well as Google to see the name of one machine popping up consistently - the Rancilio Silvia. However, I'm the type to do plenty of research before buying anything that's meant to last, and reading a few posts have seen a few say that for a bit more it's possible to buy a superior machine - Eg. the Simonelli Oscar. So that's where I'm at right now. I'll let you know my coffee habits so you can address my needs. I usually make from 3-5 coffees a week (yes I know, not many) and they are all made with milk. I'm the only coffee drinker in the house as my wife doesn't drink it. The only time I would make more than one coffee in a row would be when we have guests, which isn't all that often. Up to now, all my guests have loved their coffees here - the only thing is, there's a bit of a gap between them if more than two want coffee! Maybe with a half-decent machine I would try to get into drinking espressos, who knows. At the moment I use an Ascaso i-2 grinder which does the job with the beans I buy from the local supermarket. It's stepless and seems to grind to an even standard. I realise though, that given time I may have to upgrade my grinder to get the most out of my new machine... So as you can all see, I am no coffee connoisseur . My standards are extremely low, especially when I read the lengths some of you guys go to to get the perfect shot. However, I'm willing to learn more about the art of making coffee and find it most interesting. So I seem to be stuck between the Silvia and the Oscar at the moment. I must admit, I think the Oscar is hideous to look at (it looks like some of the €60 machines I see in the local supermarkets). Sorry! However, I realise the importance of decent coffee is not how beautiful the machine is that produces it, but how WELL it produces it. So, I'm not averse to putting up with the Oscar, as long as it's black. I can't help thinking though, that even though the Silvia is slightly (or greatly, depending who I ask) inferior to the Oscar, with my lack of skills and experience it's still going to be one heck of an upgrade if I do decide to go for the Silvia. I've seen that one of the best upgrades for the Silvia is a PID kit (I was also encouraged to get an upgrade for the Oscar, so that would bump the cost up too). I read an article recently about the meCoffee PID kit that fits inside the Silvia and is controlled via bluetooth by your mobile phone (for around €119 I believe). It seems to get some good reviews. Maybe that would be a worthwhile upgrade if I do go for the Silvia? Anyway, that's basically my situation. I want to thank all those who have offered their opinions. I hope I haven't started any forum war though - chill out boys! I welcome your comments and suggestions from herein... Thanks!
  13. Thanks for all the replies guys. Just what I was looking for! I'll reply in detail tomorrow as I've just got in late and it's been a very long day. One question I have now is this: Is a HX machine such as the Simonelli Oscar really going to make a much better 'cafe con leche' than the Silvia? Nearly all the time I'm making coffee just for myself and also, I can't drink hot coffee as I haven't got an asbestos mouth, so I don't mind waiting until after brewing the coffee before starting to steam my milk... Thanks :-)
  14. Thing is, I don't want to take a risk and buy second hand - I like new stuff that only I have used if possible. So for the same money is there anything better I could buy that's NEW?
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