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  1. Grinder and Gaggia bought new in Australia (sunbeam brand) about 9 years ago It easily grinds fine..infact fine enough to get no flow if too fine I installed Rancillio Comes with double,single and blanking filter
  2. I got one...pre philips 2005 great condition,new seals,never been near hard water and just cleaned 3 way valve(didnt need it though) Also a sunbeam grinder (graef cm80) which works perfect with this machine and can certanly grind fine enough for a good espresso I'm in Inverness though! I would sell inc postage for £150 for the lot. I can email pics.
  3. Cheers @Wayne I'm pretty happy with it!
  4. For the Mazzer SJ Grinder, new Burrs,La Pavoni Europiccola, spray paint,sandpaper etc the total cost was £295 for the above setup. (excluding tamper)
  5. Yeah...I wasn't planning retro but it turned out fine! Cheers
  6. Bought the Mazzer from ebay and gave it a renovation http://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?28462-Mazzer-SJ-Renovation Picked up the La Pavoni on Gumtree Delighted with both.
  7. So my painter let me down. I ended up doing it myself...few coats of Etch undercoat,few thin layers of retro mustard and a layer of clear. Pretty happy with the finish and no missed bits or messy drips Grinders working fantastic! I got a new tamper from Machino Espresso while visiting Edinburgh at the weekend..great wee shop!
  8. Yeah..it was really good nick and probably didn't need a paint...... I'm going for a glittery darker metallic grey with a go faster stripe down the sides. Hopefully the painter has the same vision!
  9. So...bought a 2008 SJ on ebay for £166...it arrived quickly but the large hopper was all smashed so the seller refunded £30:good:Anyhow...full strip down which was pretty easy, I also put in some new Burrs.Now its away to the local paint shop for a re-spray. Hopefully I will have it back tomorrow and I will post the final result. Choosing new colour was the toughest part.
  10. kbrembo

    SJ Adjustment Rod

    Looking for an adjustment Rod for the grind setting on a SJ Cheers
  11. kbrembo

    51mm Tamper

    Looking for a 51mm Tamper for a La Pavoni Must be able to post as in the Highlands.. Cheers
  12. I enquired about it..it's had 200 cups a week for 18 months so not sure how much this shortens its working life. Mabye it's doesn't. Anyhow still got my mind on a lever
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