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  1. I finally got to see Tom Hanks (and a fine supporting cast) in the very enjoyable "The Terminal".
  2. One of the reasons I plumped for my Sage DTP was the auto-purging to switch temperature from milk frothing (which it is really good at - far far better than the Gaggia Baby I used to have) back to espresso extraction. I don't have a need to vary the temperature myself - as far as I know, the DTP provides water at the correct temperature.
  3. I am sure Sage themselves could help you out with spares. At a price obviously.
  4. I got myself an Aeropress for work - very clean results due to the paper filter. I did have a 3-cup cafetiere but I switched to aeropress when I managed to break the cafetiere glass handle. Limited to one mug though - you couldn't make coffee for a number of people at the same time.
  5. Before I got my Sage grinder, I had a Krups Expert GVX231 burr grinder which I used with my Gaggia Baby. These are available for around £35, and I think there are some other cheap ones. Maybe consider something like this (or find a 2nd hand one even cheaper?) as a starter to experiment with? Sadly I don't have it any more, or you would have been welcome to it.
  6. Sorry I think you've missed the boat. There was no code - there was an advertising banner on the site as soon as you went in - but they are not advertising it any more, and no indication of any discount.
  7. R6GYY

    Sage Duo Temp Pro

    Not familiar with ao.com myself, but there is a 2 year repair or replacement warranty with Sage themselves for the DTP I think.
  8. R6GYY

    Sage Duo Temp Pro

    If it helps, AO.COM are doing 10% off coffee machines at the moment, including all Sage machines. Currently for instance they are selling the Duo Temp Pro for £300, take off 10% that makes £270. Just in case anyone is on the fence about price - that may sway you :-)
  9. I don't know how long it is on for. But I did spot my machine - Sage Duo Temp Pro at a bargain price. They've already discounted it to £300, and a further 10% takes it to £270 - that is £80 off full price. They do all the Sage machines and plenty of others too so may be worth a look.
  10. R6GYY

    Gadget Show

    Slightly off topic, but I saw a program a while back where as part of it, we were told that Italian scientists had proved that (iirc) 4 espressos a day were good for the liver.
  11. Beg pardon. Coffee Counter. http://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/newest-coffee-shop-in-leicester-opens-on-site-previously-home-to-babylonia/story-29486856-detail/whatson/story.html
  12. Isn't there a new place called Coffee Corner?
  13. Good spot! Although I haven't. That's Scott, TB1 pilot
  14. I did have to treat myself to some Brains Bitter, Brains Reverend James, and Brains S.A. whilst on my little trip to Cardiff a couple of weeks ago. I do like Brains
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