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  1. Try https://www.insuranceprotector.co.uk that’s who I used and it was very competitive
  2. Where are you based? I’d look to do some barista training for basic skills and understanding, and then get as much practice in as possible. Learning to texture milk well is another thing I’d recommend sorting out straight away. Latte art is nice, but your customers will remember a beautiful tasting coffee over a nice Rosetta any day
  3. Yeah. You can use their out the box app, with their branding on, or if you have the cash you can get your own app made, but it’s £30 a month to use their back end, plus fees to have it on Apple/android as well as the developer costs
  4. Yeah, trying to get a straight answer from them isn’t easy! That is correct, up to 150m2, but that’s a fairly big space?
  5. I will add, we do not do any cooking, just make paninis and sandwiches which can be warmed up on the griddle
  6. Using A1. Queried it with the council and they were a bit vague. The person implied that it should be fine and that councils were starting to be leaner with businesses due to how the high street is going. Due to expanding, I’m considering changing to A1/3 mix under the town and country planning order 2016 to reduce the risk of issues occurring
  7. I used iZettle pro. Customer support was poor and although the usability of the app was fine, it didn’t offer as much as the Good Till. Simple things like being able to upload pictures of the product, rather than just having words on the till. Deeper reports straight from the back office, so you don’t have to export and create your own, and modifiers and variance of products, meaning you can select cappuccino, then you have the option to have sizes, or alternative mills etc. This providing a less messy screen for staff to have to search through products I’m paying less at present as well with good till. It’s £29 a month, and then you can pay extra for other features if you need them, so I pay £9 for loyalty. IZettle was £49 off the top of my head, but that gave you everything. IZettle needs loyalty cards, whereas I’ll now be using an app with Goodtill.
  8. Already do that. You won’t get anywhere near as much data on your customers doing that, which is why I want to use an app
  9. Just to update, I went with the good till co. Only went live today, but staff like the front end, and I like the MI on the back end. Took a bit of getting used to to set up, but seems all good now. They do offer a service to set it up, but I wanted to get my head around it all.....plus I’m tight! I’ll give another update once it’s been in use for a while and see how everyone gets along with it
  10. Thanks, but unfortunately we have gone quite a bit over budget on our extension, so all unnecessary spends have to go on hold for now [emoji20]
  11. Can this be moved to sold please. Went on eBay
  12. Gutted I didn’t see this before I went!
  13. I’m driving to Taunton on Saturday and Richmond on Sunday, so could look to deliver if not too far off the routes if that helps anyone
  14. Adidas climawarm golf trousers, brand new with tags. Too big and didn’t send back in time. They have a slight fleece lining for the colder days. 36 W x 34 L £25
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