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  1. Hi, I'll take this at asking price.
  2. You don't have to be a registered company, as could be a sole trader, but as Blackcat says, you need to be signed off by your local EHO
  3. Google commercial property with the town you’re looking for. Not all estate agents use Rightmove and zoopla
  4. I messaged him as well previously, then saw also listed in the US
  5. Mythos 1 brand new at £1399, something doesn’t seem right to me, but could be honest I guess....... In Talley, Hampshire. Edit - just seen his other stuff, looks like a abroad. Mods, not sure if worth removing post? https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/596276514485253/
  6. Hi @truecksuk would you take £250 collected for the mazzer?
  7. Hi, I’m in the process of sorting out a second location and wondering what other multi location shop owners do with their business structure? I thought the best way was to have each location as a separate company, and possibly a holding company on top, but my accountant wasn’t too sure on that due to offsetting losses Are there any multi shop owners on here who could let me know what they do or give their opinion on what they think is best? Many thanks
  8. Thanks Joe, looks like some good ratings, so might just give that a go!
  9. Thanks, but thats quite out of the way of our direction
  10. Good morning! I'm off to Mawgan Porth, Cornwall on Thursday morning and fancy a change from our regular stop off at Strong Adolfos in Wadebridge. Can anyone recomend a good place to stop for coffee and breakfast on the A30 past Exeter? We were considering stopping off and trying the Exploding Bakery and Lloyds Kitchen in Exeter, but then realised we'd be getting there around 8am, and that would be peak traffic in the city.
  11. Roast coffee is a great little roasters and shop, well worth a visit. https://www.facebook.com/roastcom/
  12. I'm looking to replace logs on the fire though, so that wouldn't be ideal. They need to be larger than pucks. Plus the picks get crush up in the knock box when you empty them out
  13. Hi, Just wondering if anyone on the forum makes coffee logs for the log burner? Looking for a recipe if possible. Got plenty of grounds at my disposal, and now have a burner installed in the house, so would like to give it a go (maybe not with todays forecast though). Couple online, but seeing if anyone has a guide that works well for them?
  14. Try https://www.insuranceprotector.co.uk that’s who I used and it was very competitive
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