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  1. @johnealey Thanks John, very helpful indeed. I don't think finding good green beans in the UK will be a problem at all. Regards, Tom
  2. Yes I haven't heard of either. They both look interesting. Large selections and lots of information. Many thanks.
  3. Yes and I checked many but I didn't see green beans on offer. Redber is listed and I've bought from them before. They have a nice selection.
  4. I'd agree on pricing. I could buy 5lb of a nice Ethiopian for $30 (£25) from Sweet Maria's in California. Hasbean has 2kg for £48 ($58). Almost double. A lot more expensive!
  5. Rave looks interesting but I didn't see green beans at Spiller Tait. I'm just about ready to fire up the Huky so this is good timing. Thanks!
  6. We've been in Somerset for about two months and I'm slowly setting up my Huky. I've had to buy some new stuff as we came from California so voltage was the big issue but it's all starting to take shape now. I can't wait to start roasting.
  7. Thanks, haven't been to Frama although we're up and down Cheap Street many times. We'll check it out. We've been going to River House. Do you ever buy green beans here in the UK?
  8. Yeah we'll miss lots of things from California but not the excessive heat in the summer, wildfires, floods in the winter and national politics. I love my Huky and will set it up in the garage. I have a laptop running Artisan to track the roasts which have never been bad. I can't wait to get it going. Where do you get your coffee, roasted or green? Thanks for the welcome.
  9. I'm from Northern California and am now getting settled in Somerset outside of Frome and love it. We just received our pallet of belongings which includes my La Pavoni and Huky roaster. Just pulled the first espresso and while drinkable it needs to be dialed in. I haven't set up my Huky yet as I think there'll be some sourcing issues like exhaust tubing, propane tank connections and, the big thing, green bean sources. I bought a few bags of roasted beans from a small local roaster and am thinking about trying out Foundry Coffee Roasters. Lots to do and learn.
  10. A village called Wanstrow about 6 miles outside of Frome. We just bought a home there and as soon as we get the deed I can submit my spousal visa application (my wife is the Brit). We can't wait.
  11. Thanks, I'm taking a look at all that.
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