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  1. Right. I've used them too and like them. I wish they had a larger selection though.
  2. No, I haven't used them. Another keeper it looks like. Thanks a lot!
  3. No I haven't but just took a look and, you're right, selection is pretty good. Don't know how I missed them. I'll give them a try next time. Many thanks!
  4. I've made several purchases from suppliers here and am happy with the beans but I long for Sweet Maria's huge variety, knowledge base, scoring, farm notes, cupping notes and complete specs for each of their many beans. So far I've come across nothing like it here in the UK. I'd buy from their Oakland, CA location but the shipping charges would break the bank. Oh well.
  5. Hey there we go. Many thanks!
  6. I did but didn't see the cups I wanted. Is there somebody else in the UK that sells them?
  7. I need to buy a few more Acme 280ml EVO Latte Cups but it appears the Acme site is for a business only. Does anybody sell these to the general public? Thanks
  8. I just bought the kraft paper pouches so will do that.
  9. Yeah but I keep mine in a cool dark place. I like being able to glance at the bags and see if they're light or dark roasted.
  10. You're right, I didn't scroll down far enough.
  11. Yes, they're pretty close. No window but the paper ones are very reasonable. Maybe I'll go with them. Thanks!
  12. Sort of. These don't seem to have a clear side and are a bit too expensive. Thanks though. Maybe I'll just go with the paper ones from Amazon. edit: I take the expensive comment back. The price is in line with what I'm seeing elsewhere.
  13. Where do you folks buy your pouches? I see some Kraft paper pouches on Amazon but I'd prefer a glossy stand up that's clear on one side. Like these I used to buy in California. Hasbean has some but they aren't clear on one side. I like seeing the beans. Thanks for any hints.
  14. @johnealey Thanks John, very helpful indeed. I don't think finding good green beans in the UK will be a problem at all. Regards, Tom
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