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  1. It's hard to get good chai... And hard to make one - I preffer buy at local coffe house
  2. I'm riding mine in every weather Cool stuff
  3. Ant man - great piece of entertainment Funny, a lot of action - perfect for sunday afternoon
  4. I'm not sure how I could not find it Thanks dude!
  5. Let us know if you succed this whole fixing thing
  6. I found this forum and almost instantly registered. I like when I have access to all posibilities of forum
  7. That was great decision, I'm here for some advices and some knowledge - just like you!
  8. Hello, many of my friends are baristas and some of them became masters but...it take a while
  9. Hello and welcome - I'm passionate coffee drinker from Ludwigshafen, Germany. I'm owner (CEO) of handmade bags factory. Hope you will give me some advice about coffee for me and my employees!
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