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  1. Moving the group lever to the central position turns the pump off but no water is discharged. It's useful when cleaning/backflushing with detergent as the detergent will stay in the group head to dissolve the nastys rather than being discharged. This routine is detailed in the user manual....
  2. When you first filled and switched on did you do what they say in the user manual and flush approx. 250ML through it to fill the group head thermo system etc ? If you didn't I'm wondering if that's why it took so long to get to 1.0 ?? I think you can rule out scale if it's only been used a few times.... 1.5 sounds a bit high. From memory mine settles between 1.25 and 1.35. I allow 20-30 minutes on first switch on to get everything up to temp then flush a minimum of an espresso cup full of water (which has the additional benefit of warming the cup...). If I'm doing multiple shots then I
  3. Hi, basically you are correct in that to run the grinder manually you need to press both buttons. To be honest this is one thing I don't particularly like about the Fausto - far too often what actually happens is one of the timers kicks in. It's probably pilot error as I may not be pressing both buttons together but it is annoying. For what you are trying to do you could do as you are thinking and program the timer for long enough to clear the hopper. Alternatively, when you run the timer after the timer expires the grinder stops but the dose button flashes for a few seconds. During this
  4. I just put my thoughts into this thread: https://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?31997-My-experiences-thoughts-after-a-week-with-a-Rocket-Fausto/page2
  5. Assuming the tab at the bottom of the hopper is open then I think the exit path must be blocked up - most likely the hole out of the main chamber into the big chute. Take the hopper and top off, then the top burr mounting plate. There will most likely be a lot of grinds in the chamber itself, and also (and this is where I suspect where the problem will be) in the exit hole itself. Just give the entire chamber a good clean (I use a soft brush and a vacuum cleaner) to remove all the grinds. The pic in this thread may help: https://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?36368&p=474511
  6. I took a look at the old panel. The light sources themselves are enclosed in little black plastic cylinders - however, on closer inspection of the back of the PCB they appear to be "LD1" etc. So it seems that (unsurprisingly) they are LEDs. I thought LEDs usually either work or fail - not start being half bright ? Unfortunately all the training I did on electronics was many years ago, but from what I remember LED circuitry usually just involves a voltage applied across the LED and a resistor in series with it. Resistors are not exactly known for high failures. I guess the most likely ca
  7. My other half says slugs don't like it so mine get dumped on the flower beds....
  8. Thanks for the reply ! I leave mine on all the time - I only really turn it off if unplugging it to move to a place where I can take the top off etc to clean it properly. I wouldn't expect an electronic/LED failure because it's left on all the time. Certainly not in around 4 months anyway !!!
  9. Just wondering if any fellow Rocket Fausto owners have noticed an issue with the display where after some time (approx. 4 months in my case) the double dose light significantly reduces in brightness as compared to the single dose light. I would estimate it's about half as bright. Apart from it being annoying my worry is it will pack up completely before too long. This is the second display I've had this issue with (I got sent a replacement for the original display which I fitted myself). Surely I can't be the only one ?
  10. 01. Coffechap 02. Simon_S 03. johnealey 04. reneb 05. MatBa 06. MSM 07. dfk 08. Igm45 09. Lefteye 10. Kman10 11. PHB1969 12. Tewdric 13. NeilR 14. Robbo 15. eddie57 16. christos_geo 17. UbiquitousPhoton 18. Deansie26 19. MrShades 20. Kennyboy993 21. Jack-Jones 22. MediumRoastSteam 23. Obnic 24. PeteHr
  11. I keep a log of the grinder's time and setting for any bean I'm likely to return to. That way with a new batch of that particular bean you are unlikely to be far off and require only minimal adjustments as you have a good starting point for the bean. So I rarely pull sinkers - but if do pull a really bad one that's where I goes......
  12. My current favourite order of three are: Sweet Bourbon Premium Mocha Milan Mahogany Roast Jampit Hit or Hill Valley (both dark roasts if you like a stronger cup....) I like to add a SO as well - Rancheros Mahogony Roast or Mexico Finca Aurora are 2 I really like. But a lot depends on our taste. I tend to prefer the darker side....
  13. Another thumbs up for Coffee Compass from me. I like most of their Espresso blends, but a SO I'm particularly fond of is the Mexico Finca Aurora Oaxaca Region. Not too dark. Very, very nice....
  14. Welcome to the forum ! Great choice of machine (I have one myself) - and get consistently good shots. I would think the Rocky indeed may need upgrading - not being stepless it will always limit the fine tuning. I've owned a Rocky as well - did you check the burrs ? They may be worn which won't help and they are not difficult to change. Might help until you decide your next grinder !
  15. Great choice of machine - I've had my Barista for 18 months and love it. I'm not far from London (Reading) and our water is akin to liquid concrete. So I use bottled water only (Tesco Ashbeck). My understanding is this water is at the soft end of the water hardness spectrum and as such scale build up shouldn't be a problem. However, I still do a precautionary de-scale every 6 months. As well as a general cleaning regime (like the one suggested by DaveCUK) I backflush with Puly every 3 months (my average usage is around 6 - 8 shots per day). One thing I've found with the backflush is that it is
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