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  1. We use iZettle pro POS, with the POS we pay 1.2%. Def better rates but you'll pay rental on the hardware so depends on the volume you're doing.
  2. Reviews can be the best and the worst. Like i said to you before, most people read the business response to a bad review with interest - so you can point it out as a fake or address the legitimacy of the review there and people will tend to side with you. Also, you can't win them all. I've looked at reviews on Trip Advisor for some of my competitors and there are some plain nasty reviews that seem to take personal issues against staff choices in hair/make up/clothing and other personal issues and get down-right nasty. People forget that when reviewing independent businesses they are often
  3. So we've been open three months now... Everything's going well, we're hitting 100 coffees a day in a our small shop - but like some other people mentioned the tougher stuff is the stuff no one's really taught me. I'm responsible for my employee's pensions, payroll, the accounting/books and lots of people generally wanting things from you. It's pretty satisfying though when customers appreciate you, and keep coming back for your coffee, though! @44poets on Instagram if you want to see some photos
  4. Oatly barista or Minor Figures oat (more neutral tasting but makes coffee taste more acidic)
  5. A lot of machines come with a standard 14g basket. When dosed and tamped you should have a 0.5cm or so gap from the surface of the puck to the top of the basket. Go from there. Also, its best to ignore timers on grinders and such, and use scales to be consistent with your dose.
  6. I don't think people need a benchmark for their milk. Well, not in the specialty industry. I wanted to use Northiam Dairy, end of - because lots of great shops use them, they are local to me, and their barista milk is the best I can get. Their fee is flat - £1.36 a bottle, so i just live with it. £50 a week on milk is one of my 'cheaper' business costs.
  7. Currently we just do 10p discount. Will review this in a few months though.
  8. £1.11 average? Cheap! We pay £1.36 (2L), but hey, its good stuff. But I also concur with the other posters.... This infographic means nothing. It doesn't inform us on a conclusion, and is terrible unspecific. A 'bottle' of milk is not a thing. Also, how was that geographically decided, were there quality parameters, and what does £1.11 tell me that's useful? That I should squeeze my low margin farmers even more?
  9. I don't really go by flow rate/brew time in my shop. We simply use the scott rao method, and dial it in by taste, so we know what number on our grinder we use for that particular coffee.
  10. Are you doing an EK43 baby hopper? edit: just scrolled to the end and read you're not doing them anymore. My bad.
  11. We use these: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Klean-Kanteen-Brushed-Stainless-2017-Bottle/dp/B016DGBYCM/ref=sr_1_27?ie=UTF8&qid=1515097926&sr=8-27&keywords=klean+kanteen+steel+cup
  12. For me its Ethiopian. Well roasted Ethiopian coffee has a wonderful light and floral quality. Its very low in bitterness and silky smooth to drink through a V60.
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