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  1. I got this grinder just for € 80,00 und restored it completely. New ball-bearings, polishing und painting.For the burrs only the MK Kenia will fit. That was the most expensive part. This burrs are only good for filter. Even with alignment it doesn't work for espresso. The Zwanger factory was taken over by Mahlkonig.
  2. will it be possible to polish the front or are that scratches?
  3. Before I placed the order I talked to Etzinger. The M is build for cafes and the for home using.The M you get with a second set of burrs for light roasts. It grinds the 16g about 1 second faster. Footprint and sizes over all are the same.But the price difference between L and M..... The one with the inbuilt scale is very comfortable. The difference from grind to grind less than 0,2g. I
  4. Since I bought a single dosing grinder, the glass hopper from TorrToys is no more needed. Absolutely new condition. Those who are familiar with the hopper from TorrToys know the value. Capacity 600g. Adapter and Cover are glossy. Outside diameter of the adapter 60mm. Among other grinder, it fits on Ceado or Compak grinders or on all with a holder of 60mm or larger than 60mm. The last photo shows a printed adapter to reduce from 64mm to 60mm, So it wit on all Ceado grinders. If necessary, another adapter with the appropriate diameter could be printed for little money. The original box with foam padding for safe shipping is available. I like to get €230,00 ( about GBP 206,00) inclusive shipping and insurance for this. PayPay possible if buyer takes over the fees.
  5. the EK and me, we didn't become friends. I know it is my fault. With the Ceado SD I am happy now.
  6. I love the Speedster. I was using the GS3MP before, but for me I prefer the Speedster not from the result in the cup, but how it is build. Strom and very accurate. The day will come after saving some money a second hand Londinium will be the neighbor of the Speedster.
  7. After using a lot of conicals as Mazzer Kony, Robur, Elektra Nino, Ceado E92, I just got from Etzinger the Etzmax light. grind-by-weight For me it is the best conical grinder I ever used. Very strong and accurate build. Perfekt result in the cup. The scale works perfect. Less than 1g retention.
  8. Speedster plus Ceado SD plus Etzmax l w. Now I am happy. t The towels, photos and the skateboard items are from your forum members
  9. Hi, I am looking for one of the a.m. scales. It should be black and in a good condition. Payment: PayPal F&F Posting near Bremen, Germany Thanks for offers Ronald
  10. can somebody explain what are the differences between the small conical of the Etziger and the big burrs of Robur and Nino?
  11. Hi Dave, this L1 ist without pump and tank and needs plumbing?
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