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  1. I already tried to contact him by mail. No answer. My be there is no more interest to sell the Bosco.
  2. onluxtex

    Londinium R

    Keep it for me till end of the year, by than I have saved the money to buy it.
  3. they just cleaned it. No blasting. It was not even costly, just €30 for all the three parts.
  4. Lady in black.... I bought a second set of front covers und send it for powder-coating.
  5. I just received some parts from Espresso Solution UK. They are more cooperative than the LM distributors in Germany. I will send the parts for powder coating. Black semi gloss finish. The cover for the drip tray I get later from a work shop, self made. LM is no more selling it separately as cover. Only including the drip tray for a crazy price.
  6. thanks, he is offering it just now in the German Kaffee-Netz for €1850
  7. Does anyone know whether Izzo is still selling the Pompei old style? I don't like the new type with the plastic panels or the Alex leva. I was asking the Izzo group several times, but no answer.
  8. since I have installed the glass panels I buy the cheapest beans, because now they taste like the expensive once.
  9. The glass is 10mm thick. Just ordinary floatglass, The edges are polished. From both sides I fixed a rubber washer.
  10. Hi, how old is your Bosco? Was it only in private use? I can`t watch the pictures any more. May be its my fault.
  11. it seems there is no interest to sell the Gene.
  12. A friend of mine is a turner. He made it from aluminium.
  13. I can't decide which one looks better. The original gauge of the GS3 or the LM Strada gauge.....
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