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  1. Tamper fits to Speedster or Speedster fits to Tamper? Anyway it looks very nice.😀
  2. one cover is going for black powdering and the other for chroming. The legs also go for black powdering
  3. Sorry wanted to write: I NOW have the Speedster
  4. I know have the Speedster. Their handles look pretty but the LM handles are better for use.
  5. I am happy. It just arrived vom Joey. Very nice. I have to think about a handle for the portafilter. Joey, do you think it will be possible? Design like the LM-style.
  6. The dealer I bought my from has still the Super Raw. New it is more than € 13k. He is selling it for € 7.5 Incl. VAT, excl. shipping. It is a sampler in a very good condition. The black Speedster costs about 11k incl. VAT. The prices are more or less fixed. I don't believe there will be a black Friday deal.
  7. I just ordered one from Joey and now I don't get permission to buy a second one.
  8. from the design it be somehow like the one from the last two pics. I have send you a PN
  9. Hi, is this one with a 58,4mm flat base still for sale? I mean the one shown on the last pic. Thanks Ronald
  10. I got my from Austria, Vienna. It is an unused sampler and I paid € 8400 for it inclusive tax and freight. Normal is around € 11000. There is one used sampler left in very good condition, it ist the Speedster Super Raw. I don't know if I have permission from the mods to call the name of the dealer.
  11. I need the black cap as sample because I will get to metal caps. One for powder coating and one for chroming
  12. the idea is from Versalab modified by Titus Grinding. It is very costly, so I build one unit for myself.
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