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  1. I have one and the second I was looking for should fit.
  2. Boiler and heating elements are in good condition
  3. polishing, polishing, polishing.....The legs are new
  4. My new project for the dark season😀
  5. I like to offer €20,00 incl. royal mail to Germany. PayPal F&F
  6. it is left with the original taps for water and steam
  7. The second project is completed. Favorite 2AT. The 2 A is for espresso with the K30 burrs. New wholes and threads for the burr carrier are necessary. The 2AT I could fix the Kenia burrs for filter without changing the wholes in the burr carrier.
  8. never, hot water she can get from the Faema.
  9. I come back to you next month, because after this extension I am broke😂 Should be the towel on the first photo
  10. I got my restored Faema Lambro back. I took me 6 years to find it and bring it home. Now our kitchen is too small for other kitchen equipment. My wife has the opinion that the kitchen looks like a workshop. Women......., there is small space left for a toaster... I am happy. My favorite dark roasts are tasting better from the lever than from the speedster. Mildred, I cannot clean the Faema with your Speedster towels, it doesn't work,.....what can we do?
  11. About 6 years ago I sold my restored Lambro. The new owner never used it. On Sunday a was driving 800km to bring it back home. I am so happy.
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