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  1. my GS3 isn't sold yet. When I buy a second machine before I have sold the first one I get trouble with my wife.
  2. First I have to sell my GS3 MP before I look for another one, otherwise I get a lot of trouble with my wife. I have the feeling it is very hard this time to sell an espresso machine in the British or German coffee forum with is costs more than GBP 5000. Anyway thanks a lot
  3. My LM GS3 MP will be sold by Oct. ending. So I am looking for a new toy as mentioned above. It should not be older than 2015 and used only for private. Transport to Germany I can arrange by my own, only the packing has to be done very well. I am happy to hear from you. Thanks and kind regards Ronald
  4. ok, thanks a lot for helping me. I will continue in finding a second hand one L1 (2012-16) If I don´t get, than I will order by end of the year the LR and modify it.
  5. Hi Mildred, are you the one who sold the old L1 and using now the R? If its correct what was the reason to change? Is it true that the R needs about 1h to be ready? Thanks, Ronald
  6. I was asking if I can remove the pump and install it next to the kitchen, because I have done it with my GS3 in the same way. It is really nice to pull a shot and hear nothing.... and I like to play...
  7. For a lever a prefer no noise at all....
  8. I am thinking to buy the Londinium R or second hand the Londinium L1 without pump. 1. Is it possible to disconnect the pump and plumb the LR direct to the main water supply? 2. Is it possible to remove the pump from the case of the LR and install it next to the room of my kitchen, the distance is about 2 meters. So I don't hear the noise of the pump? Thanks for held and greetings from Ronald
  9. I am looking for a Londinium L1 without pump (2012-2016). It should be in very good condition for privat use. If you are thinking to sell yours, I don't need it until the ending of this year, to safe some money I am based near Bremen in Germany, so a strong case and safe packing is important. Thanks a lot.
  10. I already tried to contact him by mail. No answer. My be there is no more interest to sell the Bosco.
  11. onluxtex

    Londinium R

    Keep it for me till end of the year, by than I have saved the money to buy it.
  12. they just cleaned it. No blasting. It was not even costly, just €30 for all the three parts.
  13. Lady in black.... I bought a second set of front covers und send it for powder-coating.
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