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  1. Hi, you wrote that may be you will offer your Hedonne in the sales thread.
  2. I got the SD two weeks ago and I am very happy with it. For my medium and dark roasts the SD for me is better than the EK43 with espresso burrs. Nearly no retention. 18g with WDT in 17,6g out.
  3. I have seen it. Thank you. But I can't pay more than GBP 120.
  4. onluxtex


    I am looking for a scale, Acaia or Felicita in black. Max. GBP 120,00 inkl. posting to Germany. Thanks for offers
  5. Just arrived to fit to the above tamper: the handle for portafilter and the handle for the knock box. Very, very well done. Thanks a lot Joey
  6. no it is ok, thank you. I though I can get this nice second hand one for good price. I will order next month direct from Jens for Kony.
  7. Is the hopper still available? I want to put it on a Kony. The outside diameter of the collar should not be more than 57mm. 300g or 600g?
  8. thanks for the answer. Good luck for your sale. Yesterday I got a Ceado e37sd. I believe it is the better choice for my medium/dark roasts.
  9. Hi, I am looking for the a.m. hopper from TorrToys. Volume 300g or 600g. Clear glass and polished metal. It should fit Mazzer Kony etc, less than 58mm. Shipping to Germany, well packed. Thanks for offers Ronald
  10. any chance to buy and post the TorrToys hopper without the grinder. I am from Germany. Thanks Ronald
  11. thanks for replying. If you could let me know the amount of shots and the age I will make an offer on the 11th when you are back at home. Kind regards Ronald
  12. is it still for sale? How many shots, single, double?
  13. As I understood it is for MK espresso burrs, because of the slower feed rate and a better particle distribution.
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