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  1. Now a got a Huky 500T, second hand but very good condition from the German Coffee Forums. I try my best in roasting. Sometimes I get charcoal.
  2. ok, that is true and not serious. Can anybody give me an address where to buy it or get it less than € 1500,00 Alibaba doesn't list the Quest M3 any more. To get a second hand one is not easy.
  3. I want to order a Quest M3 direct from Taiwan. The manufacturer Fonglong Enterprise doesn't reply to me several mails. I just wanted a quotation to get an idea if it makes any sense to oder direct. Custom, fees and transport..... Did any one from the forum order one from there or can give me a correct mail-address? Thanks and kind regards Ronald
  4. I like the old style levers like Faema, Gaggia etc, The idea to produce a dual boiler lever is great. For me, I don't need a pump. Even to reduce the price. May be it could be an option for the clients who want it. A lever machine with digital display is for my opinion a no go, Why not using the typical manometer? I wish you good look with your project. I am starting to save money.....
  5. joey24dirt a member of the coffee forums was turning them
  6. I didn't get permission to place more machines in the kitchen. So here my second coffee-corner:
  7. Boiler and heating elements are in good condition
  8. polishing, polishing, polishing.....The legs are new
  9. My new project for the dark season😀
  10. I like to offer €20,00 incl. royal mail to Germany. PayPal F&F
  11. it is left with the original taps for water and steam
  12. The second project is completed. Favorite 2AT. The 2 A is for espresso with the K30 burrs. New wholes and threads for the burr carrier are necessary. The 2AT I could fix the Kenia burrs for filter without changing the wholes in the burr carrier.
  13. never, hot water she can get from the Faema.
  14. I come back to you next month, because after this extension I am broke😂 Should be the towel on the first photo
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