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  1. Thanks for the replies. I will look into this. Is there an easy way to check continuity without a multimeter?
  2. Hey there, So it seems I need a new boiler for my Gaggia baby (at the moment, there's no heat at all, but everything else works). I was going to order a new boiler from Mark @ gaggiamanualservice.com. But am a little scared as I can't find any instructions online. Anyone on here done anything similar in the past?
  3. Just wondering if anyone can help? I think it's either the thermal fuse or the boiler. Any way of diagnosing the correct fault?
  4. Thanks for the info. Is there a way to check if its the thermal fuse without a multimeter?
  5. Hey there, I've got an issue with my Gaggia Baby with it not heating at all. At the weekend, I cleaned the machine (been on the to do list for a while) and then went to steam some milk. THe steam came out fine and then stopped after about 5 seconds. I assumed there was a blockage of some kind and i'll have to investigate later. The following day, I then went to make myself a coffee and the water is just coming out cold. No heat whatsoever. The light that indicates when it is up to temperature is staying unlit (as you'd expect). Anyone have any idea where to start the troubleshooting?
  6. Hi Guys, You can swap out the filter baskets for the standard gaggia one that's in your current portafilter if you prefer. I've got another identical bottomless one (long story), but I don't think my grinder is up to scratch (= lots of mess!) and have gone back to the standard Gaggia one with the 21g filter basket from the bottomless filter.
  7. Hye there, I have a brand new Happy Donkey Bottomless Portafilter for sale. Never used. As Happy Donkey say... "Yes it's here now owners of Gaggia domestic machines such as the Classic, Coffee, Baby, Paros and many others can join the big crema revolution. This portafilter will give you a totally new aspect to you coffee shots, not only do you get more Crema but you also get a completely different texture. Upgrade your machine today, guaranteed to please ! Does not fit the Gaggia Gran, Viva, or the Cubika Plus machines. This bottomless portafilter now comes with a very high quality 21G triple basket. Remember single baskets do not work at all well with this device so if that is your plan please take that into consideration." I'm looking for £25 Delivered. (Costs £37.49 inc VAT and delivery from Happy Donkey)
  8. Thanks guys, I have purchased the puly baby, should be delivered today. Stupid question.... how do you back flush the coffee machine?? Also, I fear it may be a little late, as teh coffee is coming out very slowly now. Would this be caused by the limescale? It's a little odd, as I don't have any issues in the kettle or anything with our water (unlike in previous homes).
  9. Hi peeps, Got lots of useful info from posting on here when choosing my machine, just thought I'd ask a couple of (probably obvious questions) that I should know the answers to. Firstly, which is the descaler of choise on here? I see the liquid Gaggia 350ml bottle is approx. £8-9, or there's the powdered "Puly head cleaner" 900g for £15.99. If using 30g per clean, the Puly powder should last a while (30 cleans). How much liquid is used when using the Gaggia stuff? Also, if the coffee is coming out a little slower is that a sign that the machine needs to be descaled? I'm surprised it's this quick, if so. I use is probably 3-4 times a day. Anything else I should be doing to keep the machine in good working order? The manual is a little vague. Thanks
  10. Haha, i'm now frantically reading through the forum trying to gain as much knowledge as possible, but the more I read the harder it sounds to get a good espresso!
  11. In case anyone's interested, we have gone for the Gaggia. It just looks and feels the business. Thanks for everyone's help, I'm sure i'll be back asking for advice boxing day!
  12. Thanks for everyone's input. Standard issue, interesting idea about the coffee shop. There's a very nice one near us that roasts their own beans, however they're twice the price of other cafes... But I imagin worth it.
  13. Thanks Glenn, that clears that up without too much googling later!
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