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  1. Afternoon all, I have a Cellini Evo V2 in regular daily use - probably 5 large espressos a day - and must confess that beyond a good dunking in Puly and a change of gasket I haven't replaced anything since purchase! So I think its about time I treated it to a new basket and possibly a shower screen but before I go onto Bella Barista I thought I would just ask what the favourite options are these days? OE or an upgrade? I currently use the OE supplied double/large basket which I assume is 18gm? And I tend to dose 18gm of coffee in it. TIA Mark
  2. My wife has a tea shop and the coffee comes out of a machine on contract which seems to be powdered everything. She isn't a coffee drinker. I have a Rocket in the kitchen at home and she has decided to upgrade to a similar quality. At the moment she isn't serving large amounts but its a new business, six months in, lots of ideas to increase footfall so we are hoping that demand increases. Her coffee chap has recommended an Iberitol IB7 2 group machine, think he mentioned about £1900 and I believe that included a grinder. What else should she look at? Don't mind second hand if I can get a decent contact who can service it/be on call if it fails. Based in Deal in Kent so any recommendations would be gratefully received. TIA Regards Mark
  3. Thanks Gerry, sounds good to me. At £56, 3-4 days, insured for £1,000 for what is a big heavy box I think it's fairly reasonable too Regards Mark
  4. They accepted the weight and size Gerry and quoted, have you used them before? mark
  5. Thanks a David, just Googled for a quote and at 20kg, 50x50x82 cm their website said it exceeded both maximum weight and parcel dimensions for Denmark. Might call them in the morning to double check that the website is correct but if it is I will have to look at alternatives. Mark
  6. A friend in Denmark bought a refurbished Sage machine from eBay but as the supplier wouldn't ship to Denmark he had it sent to me in Kent. It's sitting in my hallway and it's huge! Not weighed it yet. Has anyone sent anything aboard? Any courier recommendations would gratefully received! TIA Mark
  7. A1 Coffee list them at £227.94 inc vat right now! I bought a set of Ti burrs from eBay for £90 (I think) in December when I rebuilt mine. And having tinkered my money would be a simple connection - hopper or possibly the one in the doser would be the first to check. If anyone buys this and wants wiring info I took lots of mobbly phone shots as I dismantled mine just to make sure I knew how to put it back together which I would be happy to share. Mark
  8. Threeracers


    I quite fancy the ability to turn on the coffee machine remotely and I understand Wemo is the product of choice but my kitchen is out of WiFi range, do Wemos extend the range through the socket or do I need another something to plug in next to it? TIA Mark
  9. Possibly a long shot but for the sake of a post I thought it worth asking if anyone had any coffee recommendations near Vilamoura, about 10 miles west of Faro? I am here for a couple of days and gagging for an espresso!
  10. Thanks for the replies all. Three years scale free is encouraging Glenn! mark
  11. Thanks for that DoubleShot - not looked in there yet and yes, it's the same as mine. One of the reasons I am religiously sticking to the Volvic is to postpone a descale which I understand is a bit trickier than my old Gaggia Classic. Mark
  12. My Cellini is on 12 hours a day, makes probably ten to twelve coffees a day (not all me I promise), mostly double espressos but a milky now and again and is fed nothing but volvic, how often should I consider descaling? I have had it for a couple of months and never descaled. Previous owner had it for a year or so of much lighter use, volvic again I think and I don't believe he descaled either. I backflush most days, water only, all seems to be running faultlessly, coffee is exceptional (that's jinxed it.....) TIA Mark
  13. Years ago when cups were weaker milk was suggested first so the rush of heat didn't crack the cups. Its much easier to get the right mix adding milk second. Mark
  14. @GlennV Criterion Audio, Camboro Business Park, Oakington Road, Girton CB3 0QH are listed as approved Linnies if that helps Mark
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