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  1. Hi, any chance of being sent the code please? I never realised they had a forum discount!
  2. Ok, here’s a video of mine: I switch it to latte half way through to show the difference in the air pump. Can anyone compare to theirs? I’ve tried different size jugs and depths of milk but not getting much difference in amount of foam. Doing all expected purging etc first.
  3. Hi all, I recently acquired an Oracle (non-touch) and am having trouble getting any real texture into the milk, possibly since doing a descale? Would someone be able to do me a huge favour and record a video of their Oracle steaming a glass of water on the cappuccino setting so I can see if mine is adding the correct amount of air? Thanks in advance!
  4. Meet me in the middle at £145 and it's yours.
  5. Meet me in the middle at £145 and it's yours.
  6. Ok, I will do it for £150 posted inc grinder. Last chance before it goes on public sale sites!
  7. Special offer before it goes on the public for sale sites - I will throw in a Delonghi KG79 Burr grinder. I've adjusted the stops so it goes more than fine enough (use it about 1/3 or the way from finest on the Gaggia) and also removed the screws in the burrs and glued them in place to improve the grind consistency. Makes a really good cup of coffee in my opinion and is mega convenient in use. I'm now using a super jolly which is better, but the Delonghi was more than acceptable by comparison, and much less messy! I was going to keep it as a spare, but thought someone on here might appreciate a complete starter package.
  8. I bought this Gaggia classic new in 2013 and it has only had very light use at home (must have averaged less than 1 cup a day). It has always worked perfectly and is in excellent condition. The only marks are on the cup warmer on top. I have added the Silvia steam wand and also set the OPV to 10 bar static pressure. I can reset this if required. It was descaled a couple of months ago and I only use Brita filtered water in so it doesn't need descaling again yet. Included is the original steam wand, pressurised double and single baskets and unpressurised double basket. I have just done a backflush clean with Cafiza ready for the new owner, and I will include some Cafiza but no blanking backflush disc as I still need that for my other machine. I am now including a Delonghi KG79 grinder and have dropped the price to facilitate a quick sale. Price is now £140 collected from Stoke-on-Trent, or posted for £150
  9. Yep, I got inside the boiler and cleaned it out with an old toothbrush. Also had pretty much the entire water system apart and cleaned out including the OPV and solenoid.
  10. I did dismantle and descale the E61 group (in watered down vinegar) - it was the mushroom bit in your link that was blocked. mine was nothing like as bad as those photos and came up nice and clean (back to a shiny brass colour inside). The boiler had some lose scale floating about, but again nothing like as bad as those pictures. I flushed out and brushed anything loose, and used a generic cleaner and descaler but I definitely wan't to do the boiler again now it is up and running. I just did it quickly before I had any idea if the machine would ever work again, then never got round to doing it again after.
  11. Thanks for the offer, it would be easier to actually just take a nice clean photo of the tray cover from directly overhead. I can then resize it to the correct dimensions and even convert to a CAD drawing etc. I will let you know if I need you to do that - thanks again.
  12. That's just what I need, but includes the main bottom part too, so is too expensive!
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