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  1. rancilio conversion, leaking wand. I presume this is the steam valve bolted to the top of the boiler? any idea on best place to get one? Cheers guys n gals:)
  2. Thanks for the tip Glenn, I agree the crema was thin on the first one, the second was however better when we had warmed up, and the difference between beans was staggering actually, even on same grind setting and tamp pressure the shots took totally different length of time - so lots of variables to play with. I will no doubt be coming back for more helpful advice - thanks all.
  3. you know how it is Don. Cant stop playing with it now!
  4. Its here!!! The boiler arrived today so when I got in tonight from work I unpacked it and stuck it to work! The seller had included the group head too, plus a spare solenoid valve, t-stats and few other bits - so a nice few spares on the shelf already. I descaled it out of the machine first then using a bit of 400 flatted the mating surface down a tad to ensure a good seal, threw another o ring in, and bolted her in. a quick backflush later and my first ever 23 second home brewed espresso:) Come to daddy! Now the hard work starts!!!
  5. would love to mate - but royal mail are STILL delivering my replacement boiler according to their tracking service - it was posted on the 9th!
  6. Me too. They come off either this one: or this one: now, back to the coffee!
  7. the thread in the centre accepts a standard M5 bolt so you can try screwing one in and getting a pair of decent grips on it, or in desperate circumstances (like I found) use a basic harmonic puller or any piece if sturdy bar with a hole drilled through to ease it out with an M5 bolt and a washer Alternatively you could screw a couple of M6 bolts in to the plate and lever it out either side with a couple of screwdrivers (which is probably easier). to get the seal out I used a sharp nail with a 90 deg bend in it to heave it out
  8. hehe Cheers for the encouragement Don! Cleaning continued with a spare hour tonight. Group was pretty cruddy when I got it: So cleaned it up, stuck new main seal in and re-assembled ready for new boiler top:
  9. you may well do fella - I will post up when Im going.
  10. stripped it down last night in readiness for the replacement boiler coming. It was pretty scaled up and I had to go in the workshop and improvise to get the various parts apart! Anyway I got it all apart and took the boiler out to find this (see if you can spot the problem): That will be the problem then! At least its give me a chance to give it a proper service and replace all the gaskets etc... Boiler replacement in the post so Im told so hopefully I will get it this weekend and get brewin. Bought some Has Bean xmas blend today from a great little coffee shop in the Grainger Mkt (Piccolo) and it needs grindin!
  11. Pm'd ya again a huge thanks!
  12. Well it arrived today! BUT it leaks from the boiler. Gutted! Ive spoken to the ebay seller (nice guy) who is gonna send me another boiler and some extra spares which he has (he thinks its the same type). It looks a relatively easy job to swap them out. One step forward and all that...!
  13. Well according to DHL my machine arrives tomorrow. More updates thereafter :-)
  14. I dont mean to be cheeky( as Ive just registered) but I work in Newcastle everyday so Pumphreys is local to me and a days training sounds fab - is there a voucher left going spare? Thanks Scott
  15. Thanks fellas, this is sort of practical advice I was after, champion. btw vintagecigarman I work in Newcastle everyday and have access to Pumphreys coffee roasters in the Grainger Market - have you (or anyone else) any experience of them? Cheers guys
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