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  1. Sorry should have said, that's on a Mazzer SJ.
  2. Adjustments needed daily and throughout the day at work (brewery) due to temperature and humidity as others have said. Cold grinder in the morning vs warmer a few shots in or later in the afternoon. Only tiny adjustments.
  3. From memory you need to reduce the diameter of the bulge part. It was about 15 years ago since I did mine though. I used wet and dry paper.
  4. No worries! :-) All done. Thank you very much :-)
  5. You've run out of Pm space Tim. PayPal sent. You need my address. Cheers, Stu
  6. Silver or black please for an SJ if you still have the time Timmy? What an exciting trip!
  7. Profitec 700 teamed up with a Super Jolly. For the days when I am too busy to make coffees or when I'm away from the brewery we have a Nespresso with the milk frothing thingy.
  8. Arrived today. Fits under my SJ a treat and will hold plenty pucks! Perfect thank you very much :-)
  9. Don't want to upset anyone here :-) Happy to wait quietly in the wings :-)
  10. If Drewster decides not to take it yes please here :-)
  11. You've won by a country mile there Hotmetal! :-) Not one but two of the beasties! And the machines not bad either I spose ;-)
  12. Well what a beast! Looks stunning, fits beautifully and tamps fantastically. Absolute stunner. Thank you for the opportunity Coffeechap!
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