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  1. I'll take the thermal keep cup at asking please.
  2. I have a 4x250g monthly subscription from Dog and Hat which is £31. I usually average 2 coffee's a day, 1 V60 and 1 flat white.
  3. I've been on the lookout for one of these for a while! I'll take at asking price
  4. Seems a little a strange to me, I'm sure many people like me lurk a lot on these forums but if you don't contribute you're unable to be involved in the for sale section.
  5. Hey guys, I've been lurking these forums for many years now and have never had issues before but a few days ago I lost the ability to make posts or reply in the "for sale and wanted" section of these forums? I understand the previous rules were you needed 5 posts or something like that, did something change?
  6. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Niche-Zero-Coffee-Grinder-Black-Brand-New-Box-Unopened/264863997155?hash=item3dab1fdce3:g:LvYAAOSwMXpfXiId Edit: Aaaaaaaaand it's been taken down I guess keep an eye on this seller to see if they relist?
  7. If you do end up upgrading in that time I'll happily take that adapter off of your hands, I just got the Niche upgrade for my BE and looking at buying the same thing 😅
  8. Same experience for me with the Barista express grinder. Even when I got the grind right it was still inconsistent shot to shot and feel like I have good prep work. I've had the Niche for a few days now and every shot is bang on. Love it!
  9. 3 minutes might be the slowest I've seen a Niche sell so far 😅
  10. Get in fast, the demand on these is crazy and are backordered for months https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Niche-Zero-Coffee-Grinder/193639008186?hash=item2d15c8c7ba:g:8~oAAOSw789fR848
  11. Ooo this looks very nice, where did you get it please?
  12. That's what I currently use with my Barista express actually, and it does the job pretty well. But I'm getting my Niche tomorrow and would rather use the actual higher quality container that it comes with and get a better fit with the adapter vs the compromise with the wine measure. This is what I'm looking at: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Niche-Zero-grinder-Breville-Barista-Portafilter-Funnel-3d-Printed/193426735891?hash=item2d0921c313:g:QXoAAOSw~9FemR~c
  13. Looking for one of those adapters for the 58mm Niche cup to fit the Breville machines. I see they are for sale on eBay but they have a few week delivery as they are from the US, anyone have a spare they are not using?
  14. Lovely setup, I've joined in on the bandwagon for the Niche also. The Barista express grinder really isn't cutting it anymore but it's going to be a long wait until September Was it a personal discount for Colonna or is it a code that anyone can use? I've been wanting to try their stuff for a little while.
  15. Unfortunately I didn't get a notifaction for whatever reason - I would have taken you up on it for sure!
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