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  1. Thanks for the details, I'll be tighter on the water and open it back up in 6 months to make sure it's not getting any worse.
  2. That's what I was assuming :) cheers for the reassurance
  3. I've opened the brew boiler on my Linea Mini as I'm replacing the gliceur with the 0.6mm version déjà vu and have been greeted with more scale than I was hoping for. I use a BWT Bestmax filter and have always erred on the side of caution and gone pretty soft with my water. I used bypass setting 1 for ages but then thought too soft would be ruining my espresso so went up to 2 for a while which was still fairly soft but have recently dropped down to 0 I'vebeen testing the water intermittently and it's always around 1 or 2 drops but forgot what that actually translates to! I've only been testing carbonate hardness not total hardness if that makes a difference. Anyway, I'm rambling! Should I be worried about this much scale in a 1 year old Linea Mini?
  4. I'm in the process of replacing the gliceur on my Linea Mini and being a heavy hand tw*t that I am, I've managed to snap the top of the reset button off of one of the brew boiler safety thermostats I'm going to get a replacement ordered but am I safe to carry on using this for the time being? As far as I can tell it's just a manual reset button incase the thermostat trips? Its a certini Ty 60-r if that makes any difference? Cheers
  5. If that "tempted" is an offer then it's yours
  6. I got the grinder from Frank with one of his burr carriers in it and he offered to machine the original carrier for a fee so I did as I assumed someone could make use of it for cheaper than the cost of one of his ?
  7. Selling the unused burr carrier that came out of my EK43s that has been revised / machined by Titus for better alignment. £150 inc postage.
  8. It was an absolute pleasure mate, may be time to invest in a lifting belt
  9. @stevebee that was nice and easy. Will go to PM to sort details out.
  10. JackBlackmore

    Compak R120

    Finally selling my monster Compak R120 that's been sat gathering dust since I purchased an EK43S from the main man Frank at Terranova. If it's not obvious from the picture these grinders are huge 76cm tall to the top of the hopper (57.5cm with the hopper removed) and they weigh almost 6 stone so make sure you know what you're getting yourself in for. I purchased it from @cambosheff in Jan 2017 and it believe it came from another forum member before that, the bag shaker was removed when I picked it up and I didn't inherit the original packaging either. It was working without a single hiccup for 18 months and then I noticed it was starting to retain grounds from shot to shot somewhere in the region of +-0.5g from a 19g shot (this thread has all the details https://coffeeforums.co.uk/topic/45393-r120-issue-increased-retention) I've since polished up the faces sweeper plates with a dremel and cleaned the exit chute which has improved the build-up but there is still small amount of fines accumulating on the plates and exit chute. I'm not using it as my day to day grinder so it's hard to tell. I thought it could be the burrs but I've compared how they look now to a picture I took a few months after picking up the grinder and they're exactly the same. I've messaged SSP and they have mentioned they could resharpen the burrs for $150 and resharpen and coat for $250 but there's a good change I'm massively overthinking this, nothing needs doing and someone can grab themselves a now stupidly overpriced monster grinder for a bargain price. I should point out the retention is only at the fine end of the espresso range and anything from drip upwards has pretty much 0 retention so if you're buying it for filter, then it's a dream. Any questions please just ask. Collection is pretty much a necessity but if you want to arrange packaging / courier / someone to pick it up for you I'm more than happy to discuss. Asking price is £1100
  11. I bought my Linea Mini through them and can honestly say it's some of the best service I've ever had. Massive thumbs up for these guys from me!
  12. soooooooo I think I found what the issue was. I've been reading up about the EK43 a lot recently, particularly about burr alignment and realised that every time I've removed the burrs to clean them 'properly', I've not put them back in the same orientation (not mixing up top and bottom but it's orientation when screwing into the burr carrier) I tried moving it round last night and found the burrs were much better aligned in one position, I've then started to shim the fixed burr similar to what you'd do to an EK and it's made so much difference! Rather than grinding espresso on the line between Espresso and Turkish it's come back to bang in the middle of the Espresso range, haven't had a proper chance to test but it seems to be retaining a lot less as well, time will tell! Go some aluminium tape on order as faffing around with foil was a bit annoying and going to try and get them as close to perfect as I can
  13. Always happy to help a fellow member out not sure my better half will see it that way!
  14. going to be comparing it to the R120 any picking my favourite so you never know, I may buck the trend, stick with the R120 and this may be for sale again!
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