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  1. I bought my Linea Mini through them and can honestly say it's some of the best service I've ever had. Massive thumbs up for these guys from me!
  2. soooooooo I think I found what the issue was. I've been reading up about the EK43 a lot recently, particularly about burr alignment and realised that every time I've removed the burrs to clean them 'properly', I've not put them back in the same orientation (not mixing up top and bottom but it's orientation when screwing into the burr carrier) I tried moving it round last night and found the burrs were much better aligned in one position, I've then started to shim the fixed burr similar to what you'd do to an EK and it's made so much difference! Rather than grinding espresso on the line between Espresso and Turkish it's come back to bang in the middle of the Espresso range, haven't had a proper chance to test but it seems to be retaining a lot less as well, time will tell! Go some aluminium tape on order as faffing around with foil was a bit annoying and going to try and get them as close to perfect as I can
  3. Always happy to help a fellow member out not sure my better half will see it that way!
  4. going to be comparing it to the R120 any picking my favourite so you never know, I may buck the trend, stick with the R120 and this may be for sale again!
  5. As long as you can give me a bit of guidance getting the best out of it I'll take it at asking price
  6. haha you're not wrong it sound completely ridiculous when you read that statement on it's own!
  7. Will pick up a Dremel and get polishing thanks for taking the time though man, super appreciated
  8. For the first 6 months of owning it I weighed the grounds out and it was constantly within 0.1g so I stopped weighing
  9. That's what it's starting to look like! Just need to figure out how to get past the retention
  10. So I'm now even more confused haha I visually checked the burr alignment and it looks to be absolutely spot on. It's looking like it's just the outer rim of the carrier that's slightly out which would make absolutely no difference. I gave everything a real good clean and there's zero retention at the French press end but still getting grinds backing in the chute at the espresso range. Ive checked the grounds that are staying back in the chute visually and between my fingers cant tell any difference what so ever with what's coming straight through so they don't feel like fines. So... Got no idea any more! Just looks like it's retaining grounds when it didn't used to. I've tried a few different beans through it and they're behaving the same
  11. and there's me thinking I'd never see the day!
  12. Ahhh I get what you're saying, the whole carrier could be aligned perfectly just may not be cast perfectly round the edge. I'll have a peak at the actual burr alignment tonight.
  13. I asked on through their webform if they could put me in touch with any service engineers in the UK but didn't get a response. I'll try emailing them direct.
  14. Well this is something I never thought anyone would have to post! (and after googling I might actually be the first ) but I'm having an issue with the my tank of a grinder that is the Compak R120 I stopped weighing what I got out of it around a year ago because it was bang on every time so didn't see the point, I've recently change espresso machines so thought I'd treat myself and start weighing what's coming out and it's fluctuating by as much +- 0.7g (may not seem like a not but it's really out of character) I cleaned out the burr chamber at the start of the month and found the sweeper arms had a bit of a fines build up on them but assumed it was just because I hadn't cleaned it for a while. I did find that the bottom burr carrier looked like it has warped / buckled a bit but it's a proper substantial bit of metal so just assumed I was being anal and it must have always been like this so chalked it up to me not cleaning it enough. Have had the same issues throughout the month so had another look this weekend and after 20 days use (2 cups a day) the exit chute was completely blocked with fines, it was a soft block so wasn't compacted in any way but could see why it's being inconsistent. I cleaned it out and then ran 20g of coffee through and you can see the fines build up around the sweeper already as well as the coffee in the exit chute Spinning the burr around I can see that the carrier for the bottom burr isn't flush with the bottom of the burr chamber and looks to be warped https://photos.app.goo.gl/a1iSBjfZGqUvvytA8 and when moving the burrs towards touching there's a definite chirp https://photos.app.goo.gl/mL76cwseECcZiXW29 So.... I can only assume the issue with the bottom carrier is putting the burrs out of line and causing inconsistent grinding leading to increased fines I've tried lifting the burr carrier out but it's attached to the motor so doesn't just lift so not really sure where to start looking to see what's up with the alignment. Does anyone have any experience taking these beasts apart of can recommend anyone I can take it to? There's next to nothing online about them as I'm assuming they just don't go wrong? Any help would be massively appreciated!
  15. @Heligan yeah for sure, I used UPS but also got a quote back from DHL that was pretty much the same and ended up being just under £70. It was two packages (Machine in one, piston lever and sundries in another) the base price was something like £50 but then additional handling fees and insurance bought it up. Can definitely recommend UPS if you were going to use one of them, they picked it up yesterday afternoon and it was with Jonty this morning
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