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  1. I was doing all the remote on and off and schedule with a wemo plug before but the boiler temp has been the best thing about the retrofit for me because that wheel is just a guessing game!
  2. All sorted, sold and delivered! Could a mod please move to SOLD Thank you,
  3. Hey Zaynah, I had real trouble steaming milk for a single flat white because the steam pressure was set crazy high from the factory somewhere around 1.8 - 2 bar (it's the dial on the left) It's a fairly easy to reduce the pressure and can make it much more manageable steaming smaller quantities of milk. I think mines at 1.3ish now and much more manageable. As everyone else has said, 93 is a good place to start. I end up increasing the temp slightly if the beans have sat in the hopper too long but always go back to 93 with a fresh bag. Not sure if you're using a naked porta
  4. Hey @Nightrider_1uk, could meet roughly in the middle and do £55 posted but wouldn't want to go lower at the moment.
  5. No idea sorry, I'd assume stainless steel? Just had a look at the torr website and looks like they're either stainless or titanium and I'm pretty sure it's not titanium 😁
  6. I unscrewed the base and its got GF 58.5 stamped on it so looks like a Goldfinger to me. I seem to remember something about it not being the perfect Goldfinger shape but can't find the original post anywhere so might be chatting flannel.
  7. Sorry for the delay in the reply, turns out I wasn't getting notified of replies. Cheers for the info @Sam_d. @nekromantik yeah it fits a VST perfectly, have been using it with 18's myself.
  8. As per the title selling my torr Tamper as it's no longer being used. Originally purchased from @coffeechap in 2017 I think. It's a convex base with palisander handle. Again I think it's 58.5mm but have no way of verifying unfortunately, either way it fits a vst perfectly. Nice and weighty coming in at 535g It's got the odd knock to the handle that I'm sure would buff out fine if you had the inclination. £59 delivered
  9. Thanks for the details, I'll be tighter on the water and open it back up in 6 months to make sure it's not getting any worse.
  10. That's what I was assuming :) cheers for the reassurance
  11. I've opened the brew boiler on my Linea Mini as I'm replacing the gliceur with the 0.6mm version déjà vu and have been greeted with more scale than I was hoping for. I use a BWT Bestmax filter and have always erred on the side of caution and gone pretty soft with my water. I used bypass setting 1 for ages but then thought too soft would be ruining my espresso so went up to 2 for a while which was still fairly soft but have recently dropped down to 0 I'vebeen testing the water intermittently and it's always around 1 or 2 drops but forgot what that actually translates to! I've only be
  12. I'm in the process of replacing the gliceur on my Linea Mini and being a heavy hand tw*t that I am, I've managed to snap the top of the reset button off of one of the brew boiler safety thermostats I'm going to get a replacement ordered but am I safe to carry on using this for the time being? As far as I can tell it's just a manual reset button incase the thermostat trips? Its a certini Ty 60-r if that makes any difference? Cheers
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