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  1. I’ve always wanted an Audi 80 Quattro - bit like the one in Life in Mars Only trouble is I’d end up with this!
  2. Yeah, I’ve watched numerous videos of @DavecUK I find them very informative 😎
  3. I see that BB are taking pre-orders for this now: https://www.bellabarista.co.uk/the-solo-single-dose-grinder.html Has anyone done a review yet? Maybe @DavecUK? Wonder how it compares to the Niche.
  4. Reminds me of a James Bond film lol
  5. Ha ha, love the cat video!
  6. The general guidelines appear to be published & judging by the past couple of weeks comments, certain comments appear to broken these without the individual(s) being sanctioned. I can’t see the anything relating to the mods though. Perhaps one will be along shortly to clarify.
  7. Dyslexic fingers or it was auto correct 🤔
  8. I think if funds would have allowed I’d have jumped straight in at the deep end and brought a L1, and probably a big flat conical. I may have even made the long journey to BB and come out with something shiny. But, as with most people I’ve had to get where I am today with my kit by building it up slowly.
  9. Crafthouse offer a rolling monthly subscription for £22 delivered for a kilo. I had all last year and they never disappointed with the variety of coffee I only stopped as I want to try someone else.
  10. Modding does seem to be a bit over the top at the moment though
  11. Yeah, I’ve noticed a lot of posts disappearing recently, it’s almost as if the forum has got some secret police, or maybe I’m just imagining it. Does seem as if you’re not allowed to speak out of turn anymore. So much for freedom of speech!
  12. Jacko112


    We’ve all things which annoy us @DavecUK
  13. Jacko112


    Isn’t there more important things in life to worry about than a few flies??
  14. Jacko112


    Anyone tried the Karate Kid method of catching flies with chopsticks?
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