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  1. I've had a little bit of funk/fruitiness in the first few sips of espresso but then mainly chocolate. If I had to guess I'd say it's an Ethiopian.
  2. I found the discount was taken off at checkout stage
  3. Jacko112

    Black Friday

    Just ordered a couple of kilo's too - Uganda Kayombe & Development Espresso Blend. Question is, is the turkey going to fit in the freezer??
  4. Why is mash a thing with roasts? Never really got it. Mashed Swede with lots of butter & black pepper I get, but mashed pots surely is better with sausages or pie etc. Is it the ol' north/south divide thingy lol?
  5. Mine arrived too today, will get started with them in the next day or so. Bit too knackered now after xmas show in London!
  6. I got an Oomph to try from freegle, and s bodum dropper cup thingy. Both free so happy days!
  7. Thanks Dave, looks like it solve the popcorning issue - let's hope they also inform people who aren't on social media too
  8. Jacko112

    Black Friday

    Cool cheers @Jonny. Just ordered a kilo. It's that of year to stock up!
  9. Jacko112

    Black Friday

    Is that from django @Jony ? Couldn't immediately see it on their site
  10. Cherry cherry is one of my go-to's with CC. Always been good
  11. Oh crap, even at that depth it's got to be awful if it comes into the house. Feel for everyone whose suffering with it and thankful we at the top of a hill
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