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  1. Had mine for the first time as espresso - now I’m not too good at determining flavours but I think there’s a small fruit element in there, chocolate & black tea. If I had to pick them I’d go for a Central American, with Mexico being top. Probably way off ha ha
  2. Keep your lever up Dave
  3. I’ll give it a go too please. Due to order soon anyway.
  4. Oh I certainly understood your references, which I found offensive. It's no wonder regulars are staying away. And no, no problem with welcoming newbies, everyone should be made welcome. My surprise was at the OP reference to a fried chicken forum but I guess theres one for virtually every subject nowadays. I will not get in further discussion with you on this.
  5. Welcome, can't believe there's a fried chicken forum!
  6. Thanks always wanted to try their sweet shop.
  7. Get one these as it collect any drips etc https://www.theespressoshop.co.uk/Mobile/en/La-Pavoni-Lever-Plastic-Drip-Tray---371104/m-m-2232.aspx https://www.theespressoshop.co.uk/Mobile/en/La-Pavoni-Lever-Plastic-Grid-Plate---371103/m-m-2233.aspx
  8. Having read this thread, here's my twopeneth - I come here for one reason only & that's to read equipment reviews, see how people's coffee journey is going, read reviews of various beans & roasters etc - NOT for a political debate. If was interested in debating politics or freedom of speech then I'm sure there's a forum for it. This is the type of thread that is ruining this forum - come on guys, let's back to what we all came here for!
  9. I ended up replacing the cable, element, gaskets and switch lol, my theory was that if I replaced them all then they should work! As Dave says though check the terminals first. The good news is that they're really easy to work on.
  10. Had a similar problem a few months ago & it turned out that the mains cable had burnt out inside so I had to replace it - got our electrician to do it as I'm not good with electrics.
  11. Jacko112

    Mazzer SJ (SOLD)

    No, gilbodavid. At time of asking to view he only has 4 posts. My understanding is that you need 5 posts plus to access the sales.forum
  12. Jacko112

    Mazzer SJ (SOLD)

    Again! How is someone with only 4 posts able to access the sales forum? Are there no rules anymore?
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