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  1. Jacko112

    VB Kaffee beans

    I'm still definitely getting fruity flavours too but cant pinpoint any one particular fruit. Most enjoyable though!
  2. Jacko112

    VB Kaffee beans

    I'm thinking Kenyan at the moment as it's quite fruity but only had a couple so far
  3. Mine's just arrived too. Looking forward to trying these, thanks @Hasi& @Nicknak P.S. Does @MildredM need the straw forwarding for the guinea pig's?
  4. 13. Jacko112 500g Sigri (light) & 500g mystery light roast
  5. Mine's arrived too, thanks @Hasiand @MildredM - will give it a go in the morning
  6. Personally I preferred the old version, this is very confusing now & difficult to read older posts or even see what’s new. Cant see me sticking around tbh, which is a shame as I loved reading about everyone’s daily escapades.
  7. What the hell has happened to the forum layout??? Its now impossible to see what’s being discussed, added etc. i can’t even see if I’m posting in the right thread. why???
  8. @russe11 - funnily enough was just going to post this as I'd just ordered a couple of kilos. Happy days!
  9. I get a pretty useless coffee blog email once every couple of weeks but occasionally there’s a discount code. This weeks is for Django - not sure how long it’s valid for though. Code is #coffeeblogcomp for 10% off
  10. might be interested too @coffeechap if the price is right. Ta
  11. Ha ha hadn’t thought of that. He’s more commonly known as dumb dumb, he’s definitely a sandwich short of a picnic
  12. Have a great day @MildredM
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