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  1. Jacko112

    Indy Coffee Box

    Is there a link available to their site?
  2. I had a delivery from them recently so presume they're still going
  3. Did many people sign up for this? Interested to see what people thought of the beans. Received my second bag yesterday which was their Brazilian Love Affair - roasted on 20th March. Cancelled the subscription as they're definitely not to my taste, too dark and I'll be buggered if I can get close to any of their flavour profiles. Doesn't smell the best either. I know we all get what we pay for but I'd rather buy supermarket beans at that price!
  4. I've used the original cafflano when travelling for work & it was good. Also the portable espresso thingy (cant remember what's it's called off the top of head) & just ground coffee the night before going as it was only ever for 1 night. Neither get used nowadays as I work from home more. Hotel coffee tends to taste like bin juice.
  5. Not used them myself but recieve their emails - use code 'stayhome' for a 20% discount. Be interested to hear if others have used them & what they're like.
  6. Its the bloody idiots who all went out at the weekend that have forced the Gov's hand.
  7. Had an email from Horsham this morning advising they're still open
  8. Jacko112

    NFC shipping

    Cheers, will leave it as it is then. It works for me at the moment so it's no biggy
  9. Jacko112

    NFC shipping

    I have a Niche, do I need this? Its grinds ok at the moment, yes popcorning happens but it's not the end of the world to be honest
  10. I've just given it a punt at that price. Opted for the Ethiopia Dambi Udo every couple of weeks, although the confirmation email stated the full price.
  11. Any feedback on this from the guys who ordered it first time around? Was it good?
  12. Have you checked out the wiring diagrams on espresso shop site?
  13. I had to replace the power lead recently when my shorted the power. I got the electrician to fit mine.
  14. Small Batch are worth a visit too
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