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  1. Er, cos I know how much I sold mine for.
  2. I had one a few years ago, great machines & Tomas @ the Zacconi factory is really helpful. It was the only place that I could find seals etc. BUT...they are a wotsit (polite version!) to work on, a La Pav will give you the same results in the cup and be a lot easier to repair.
  3. Yes it's the grinder, life will be alot better with the maze, and let the beans rest for longer
  4. Had some of the last batch which were really quite good, has anyone tried their latest offering? https://www.smallbatchcoffee.co.uk/shop-1/gf23 I'm round the corner from the roastery tomorrow so may call in for a bag.
  5. Having owned all, yes is the simple answer. Yes weighing is more applicable to the Niche but minimal retention, it's a lot quieter than the Mignon & Mazzer which wins brownie points with SWMBO. It's easy to switch between grind levels should you choose to try brewed in the future. without losing settings. I tend to stick to lighter roasts which the Niche copes well with and due to burr size you should see the difference in the cup.
  6. Jacko112


    Backsides are for falling on, right? They def are in my case when I tried boarding once - gave up there and then! Oh and don't get me started on motorbikes or quadbikes - me & them really don't mix! Hands & feet all over the place. Wish I could though as those Longboards look super cool
  7. Has the OP never heard of a kettle, mug, spoon and a jar instant? Maybe it's too much equipment lol
  8. I tend to favour lighter fruitier roasts, not a huge fan of deeper choc flavours. It's not something I've ever thought off tbh pairing the machine with the beans. Perhaps others could comment on this @joey24dirt?
  9. Jacko112

    Kiss the hippo

    I had the same email, couldn't see the code though or is it discounted at checkout?
  10. Exactly this. I have mine paired with the Niche and to be honest, it's such a simple effective set up that once mastered it works. Yes I'd love something bigger & shinier but the worktop doesn't allow for it and I only drink espresso, so no need to change it. Minimal electronics in the La Pav too so less to go wrong.
  11. I've been thinking the same thing. Be interesting to compare
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