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  1. Thanks always wanted to try their sweet shop.
  2. Get one these as it collect any drips etc https://www.theespressoshop.co.uk/Mobile/en/La-Pavoni-Lever-Plastic-Drip-Tray---371104/m-m-2232.aspx https://www.theespressoshop.co.uk/Mobile/en/La-Pavoni-Lever-Plastic-Grid-Plate---371103/m-m-2233.aspx
  3. Having read this thread, here's my twopeneth - I come here for one reason only & that's to read equipment reviews, see how people's coffee journey is going, read reviews of various beans & roasters etc - NOT for a political debate. If was interested in debating politics or freedom of speech then I'm sure there's a forum for it. This is the type of thread that is ruining this forum - come on guys, let's back to what we all came here for!
  4. I ended up replacing the cable, element, gaskets and switch lol, my theory was that if I replaced them all then they should work! As Dave says though check the terminals first. The good news is that they're really easy to work on.
  5. Had a similar problem a few months ago & it turned out that the mains cable had burnt out inside so I had to replace it - got our electrician to do it as I'm not good with electrics.
  6. Jacko112

    Mazzer SJ (SOLD)

    No, gilbodavid. At time of asking to view he only has 4 posts. My understanding is that you need 5 posts plus to access the sales.forum
  7. Jacko112

    Mazzer SJ (SOLD)

    Again! How is someone with only 4 posts able to access the sales forum? Are there no rules anymore?
  8. How is someone able to access the sales forum without any posts? ( sorry for dis-railing)
  9. Exactly this. There's too many comparisons to make to draw a conclusion, but I'd much rather a) buy from a local supplier and b) buy a product that either lasts or is quality. 90% of the time you'll end up with better customer service too.
  10. I've not long signed up for a recurring monthly subscription with Craft House, which is for their a KG of their single origin, cost? £22pm delivered. IMO from a quality roaster this is fantastic option.
  11. If you want free shipping then I suggest you go & buy your coffee at a supermarket @Tony fonda 95% of people here will support a roaster of their choice, and has been said will increase their order to gain free shipping so both parties win. Stop aggravating people.
  12. A trip to sainsburys (or local baker) who both sell Union. No way Jose drinking instant.
  13. Seems to be the new norm John. Perhaps people are applying the Cummings rule.
  14. Not on it either and wont ever be. Feel a bit discriminated that they feel that this is the only way for them to get more people interested. Plenty of other ways that dont cost.
  15. Let's just say you'll need to deep pockets if you're visiting Dave's workshop. He's the lever king!
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