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  1. Who knew!? You learn something new every day...
  2. I think it's as easy for you to post the list with you at 22 as it is for us to do so. Do you mind just reposting it? I'm trying to get my 6 year old to actually sleep!
  3. I second this perspective including the question about dual boilers. I've had almost exclusively HX machines and they're good; I really rate the Nuova Simonelli Oscar 2 highly.
  4. I think the moderators do the best job they can. I fit moderating in between running a business and raising a family. Any inconsistency on my part is driven by a lack of time rather than any favouritism or malice.
  5. I don't mind. If I've done something wrong please tell me...
  6. Yep my Heavenly had the same...
  7. Jon

    MBK Feld2 new unused

    Sales shouldn't be made by PM guys. Forum rules are that all offers or negotiations be made on the thread in full view of all members... @Oblivion @Southpaw can you please confirm what's gone on?
  8. Not had sage so can't comment but I really rate the Oscar 2; so much so I bought one for work and one for home. Since I bought these I haven't looked back. I prefer them to the Fracino machines I've had and the Rocket I owned; I find espresso to be more predictable.
  9. Jon

    Rave Coffee Pods!

    The Colonna ones made me buy a Nespresso. Having said that it got confined to the cupboard shortly after...
  10. Welcome from another (near to) Maidstone resident!
  11. Jon

    Forum Rants

    Have you had marinated tofu? I hate the usual stuff but the marinated stuff I like.
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