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  1. PS. Should have probably flipped that picture for ease of viewing!
  2. Felt I had to post this as its my first success rosseta. How's everyone else's latte art coming along?
  3. Sorry also what's your address so I can find you!
  4. Hey when would be a good time tomorrow to come pick up some sacks? (Friday)
  5. Bbatch

    Rounton Coffee

    Is it OK to big up a coffee roasters who I just recently discovered? Rounton coffee, nestled away in a little barn just north of Thirsk. Went to pick up some Colombian beans this past weekend and have thoroughly enjoyed them thus far. They have only been roasting for a couple of years so thought I would do my best to get their name out there. Happy brewing folks!
  6. This would have been my first grinder as well :/
  7. Bought a rancilio rocky on this website from a respected member and we decided to use tnt the deliver the item. Biggest mistake I've made all year! Not only did it arrive two days late but completely smashed. Contacting tnt now to see how good their customer service is. In the mean time don't use tnt!
  8. Hey please can I put purchase this from you? Been looking for one of these for a while!
  9. Where would be the place to post about them? I have loved all the coffee I have tasted from them!
  10. Juat a Rhinowares ceramic burr hand grinder at the moment, currently looking for a electric one. Feeding it coffee from a small roasters up here in Yorkshire called Dark Woods. Currently have a Brazilian and a Columbian from them that I am almost out off so will be needing some more soon, any suggestions? I do also quite like what I have had of Grumpy Mule coffee.
  11. Mildly giddy by the fact I've got my first espresso machine. It's a refurbed Giggia Classic I bought of someone on this site and must say I've loving it already! So good (yet so dangerous) to be able to make it at home!
  12. Does it matter when on Thursday evening? Could it be later on, let's say 9:30ish? Thanks, Bruce
  13. Haha this isn't going well! How about Thursday evening, I could come across after work if that is suitable? Thanks, Bruce
  14. I have recently invested in a Rhinowares hand grinder from coffeehit which I am getting in well with. Just contemplating buying a refurbished giggia classic from someone on the sale forum, someone suggested that we a a good machine as a starting point
  15. Afraid I need to be in Oxford by 1. Would some time Sunday afternoon/evening suit? Could call in on my way back up from Oxford.
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