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  1. I just didn’t expect such a comment after simply asking for a code! Hey ho, people are entitled to their opinions I suppose. 👍
  2. Wow that was an odd response... I was simply after a discount code. I feel all coffee compass’ prices are very good yet people still use discount codes on other coffee..? I was not aware that a code could not be used on the mystery coffee so thanks for letting me know. However I find your response a bit demeaning. I am new to coffee as you kindly pointed out but it does seem some people in coffee feel they are high and mighty because they have been drinking/purchasing coffee for longer! thanks anyway 👍
  3. Are there any codes available at the moment? Looking to try the new mark 13!
  4. It’s been a good day! Finally installed @MrShades PID and couldn’t be happier. Also added a Mignon Manuale grinder to the setup. I actually feel in control of my shots now but definitely consuming more caffeine today as I just want to keep pulling shots 😅
  5. New grinder from @BlackCatCoffee. Even the first half decent shot tasted better compared to my old Iberital MC2!!
  6. Hi Samuel, I would like to take the Iberital grinder from you for £80 incl postage (if still available). 


    1. SamuelG


      Hi Paul yes still available. I can post out tomorrow if you can pay today?

       Best way for me would be via PayPal. If you can select friends and family and pay using [email protected]

      Thanks, Sam.

  7. SamuelG

    Iberital MC2

    Selling my Iberital MC2 grinder due to ordering an upgrade. There have been no more than 6kg of beans through the grinder and it is in perfect condition. looking for £80 (that includes postage). Or £65 if you can collect from near Hastings, East Sussex. any questions then fire away!
  8. Ah that’s no good! If you do fancy delivering I would be willing to pay £265 all in. Unfortunately I cannot go higher.
  9. Full clean and descale after using for one month. Really enjoying getting in to coffee again however itching to upgrade my grinder. Just waiting for the right Eureka Mignon to come in to stock however still undecided what model to go for! 🙈 Gaggia Classic 2011 with 9bar OPV mod. Iberital MC2- doing the job for now but feel I could be getting better coffee if I was to upgrade. 18g VST basket 58.4 Motta competition tamper I have just finished Coffee Compass’ Brighton lanes and enjoyed it a lot more than when I was using Rave signature blend. To me Brighton lanes i
  10. Sony PlayStation 4 500GB Jet Black Console. Condition is Used but in perfect working condition. Comes with 4 PS4 games: The Last of Us Remastered Dying Light Fifa 15 The Crew. The console also comes with the original power cable, HDMI lead Controller and Controller charger. The console was owned from new and in all honesty it has rarely been used hence why it is in such good condition. The console will be factory reset prior to delivery. The console comes in the original box as per the pictures. *****£220 with postage
  11. @AliMeghji nice set up! I have been looking at the facile as an upgrade to my Iberital MC2. Do you find it’s a good improvement from your last grinder? Did you get it from Bella Barista? Sorry for all the questions 😂
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