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  1. It’s a bit like flavour notes on a wine bottle. While you might pick up a bottle of fleurie that really does taste like strawberry or black currant juice, mostly wine tastes like wine, the variations within which can be indicated by referring to other flavours (berries, leather, floral etc.) Likewise with coffee, while for example there are ethiopian coffees that genuinely taste like blueberries and parma violets, mostly flavour notes are suggestions of whereabouts within the range of flavours in coffee that the points of definition are. I finished a bag of that one earlier this week, and while it didn’t taste like an actual toffee apple, I could see where they were coming from.
  2. Yes, I’ve been meaning to get some for that very reason.
  3. I usually put some hot water in the cup then do the espresso on top. I think it’s only an aesthetic difference, though. i like to watch it disperse in the water.
  4. i had a bag of these a few weeks ago that came in the subscription. i usually like washed ethiopians anyway but these were particularly good. they couldn’t be more different from the natural ones.
  5. I’ll probably open it tomorrow or sunday once what’s currently in the hopper has run out.
  6. I’ve never noticed batch numbers on bags of coffee, and always assumed the roast date would effectively be the batch number. Roaster roasts a certain weight of a particular bean on a certain day, to fulfil existing orders or to bag up and put on a shelf with a label with the roast date printed on it, and that’s what batch it is. i.e if there is a problem with a particular batch, it’s traceable by the date. I think if I was you I’d return them and ask for a refund, I agree that the photos of big tubs of roasted coffee seem a bit suspicious. I had a look on their facebook too and noticed this.
  7. If you think they are being dishonest with the roast date, then I think it’s fair enough to contact them. As for the valves, the bags I get from django don’t have valves. But it is obvious the beans have let off a fair bit of CO2 since they were packaged as they are usually bulging quite a bit by the time the arrive (usually 3 days pst the roast date). I’d rather not have plastic valves, if the rest of the bag is made of compostable material. Not had one burst yet.
  8. Aye, pretty much. That’s definitely a standard basket. As was mentioned above you might need to think about a better grinder. Are you grinding as fine as you can go? The puck preparation doesn’t need to get too complicated, i just grind into a cup on scales, or straight into the basket, knock it once on the counter to settle it and then tamp with reasonable pressure making sure it’s as level I can. I think it’s more about being consistent once you know what works for you.
  9. the other machines probably have pressurised baskets and sneaky devices to produce fake crema though, and so are much less dependant on variables like quality and age of beans, grind size and consistency etc. the pressure in the basket is created by the basket itself, which usually has a single small hole in the bottom. you could crumble an oxo cube in it and it would produce a drink with crema. with the classic (assuming it’s an unpressurised basket), it’s the puck that creates the pressure during the extraction so those variables become critical. not enough resistance (grind too course) and the water gushes through, too much (grind too fine) and you choke it and nothing comes out. or you get channeling. and the age and quality of the beans becomes a much bigger factor. edited to add: and with this, preparation of your puck becomes much more important (distribution, tamping, making sure it’s level etc.)
  10. scales and a timer are useful so you know where you are, if that makes sense. you can work out a dose of grounds and where you want to get to in grams of espresso (1:2 is a common ratio, so say, 16g grounds to 32g espresso). that way if it’s not right it’s easy to think about how to adjust, and you know what the variables are, and if it is right it’s easy to repeat. you can pick up a decent pair pretty cheap. with some beans i will just eyeball the amounts once i’ve got the grind right and made a few good shots. others are more fussy and want weighed every time to get the best out of them. in my experience there’s more crema the fresher the beans, the more they age the less there is. but it varies between beans.
  11. do you have scales to weigh what goes in and out, and a timer? if not it’s definitely worth picking some up. also, how does it taste?
  12. i had a bag of this arrive on saturday. won’t be opening it for at least a week yet, but it sounds a bit like what you’re after. i’m looking forward to it, they have coffees from this farm every year and they never disappoint. https://www.hasbean.co.uk/products/gtm-san-patricio-el-limon-n-caturra
  13. the indonesian pegasing from django is worth a shot. i’m just finishing off a kilo and it’s been excellent.
  14. No, it’s definitely not normal. if you choke it with too fine a grind, nothing at all should come out.
  15. i’m going to have a look the next time i strip mine down to clean it, as i don’t really understand. even if it sits off centre, the basket/pf is circular, so rotating it shouldn’t make a difference to how it sits against the gasket. it turns inside the groove on the group, which is also circular. so i don’t get how it could move laterally when it’s turned. maybe it will all become clearer when i have a closer look.
  16. I’ve never had cause to look because i’ve not had any problems with leaking. but i’m thinking surely the pf and group must sit centred and flush with each other?
  17. I don’t think this is the problem, my classic since I bought it (a 2004 one used) always had the pf sitting slightly to the right and never had any water leak. it’s not the original gaggia pf, and i think it might do this because it’s profile is slightly lower. but if what you are thinking is the problem was right, i’m thinking mine would still leak? i replaced the gasket recently and it still sits a little bit to the right, albeit less so than it did.
  18. it took me a while to order from them too. i think they are pretty good, postage included in the price and their kilo prices are really very good for the quality of the beans. and like i said before, they seem pretty focused on the sort of coffee that appeals to viewers of this thread.
  19. I just looked this up, it’s interesting stuff.
  20. you could try django, i started a subscription a few months ago. i’ve had four coffees from them (kilo every four weeks, i think it’s £21 delivered) and they have all been somewhere within your list of descriptors. i don’t think most of them have been listed on their site, so i am guessing they acquire small batches that are sent out to subscribers. so far i’ve been impressed with them, not had anything i didn’t like yet. they seem to be quite focused on these types of coffee you are interested in.
  21. it would surely pair perfectly with a funky espresso for breakfast.
  22. this refers to the rich, pungent flavour and aroma that you would typically associate with natural processed ethiopian coffee. i first seen it in hasbean tasting notes maybe 10 years ago when i first came across this type of coffee. I’ve only seen it again recently when i started browsing threads on here. i’ve no idea what a “juicy banger” is, though.
  23. i prefer compostable bags. it seems to me this will have the least environmental impact. currently i like django’s packaging. just a paper bag with cellulose lining. they don’t even have the daft plastic valve. and it’s posted in a cardboard box.
  24. shaun****

    OSX experts

    i might be wrong, but i think that in addition to your outlook app on the imac having downloaded the emails, they also stay on the outlook server as well. so even if the downloaded message files are damaged, they will still be there if you log in to the web app. i think they will only delete from there if you specifically delete them from the app.
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