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  1. I received a Crono on tuesday purchased from @Coff Hey (partly influenced by their info in this post). Ordered on Saturday and dispatched on Monday, so good service and the cheapest price I could find, so thanks for that. I’m very happy with it so far. I’m grinding manually into a cup on scales, which works well. It’s comparatively quiet, the grind seems pretty uniform, and it is a pretty solid and responsive piece of kit. I found it easy to set up and get beans dialled in. Early days, but very happy with it so far.
  2. Foundry’s Colombian washed pink bourbon this morning. 2 espressos and a sip of my wife’s flat white. Just opened it today, it’s very good.
  3. moving the screw wasn’t enough for me to get the grind tight enough for good results with the classic, I had to shift some spacers from the top to the bottom of the burr that allow them to get closer together. There is actually a PDF document from baratza that shows you where the spacers are. It not too hard to do.
  4. The baratza will work fine with your delhongi with a pressurised basket. If you do upgrade your machine it’s possible to keep using the baratza if you do a couple of mods to it. you can change the calibration and move some washers around to get it grinding a lot finer. a google search should help, i think i found some info on threads here as well. i’m using mine with a classic and getting pretty good results.
  5. it’s very sour and acidic. if you like sour flavours it’s worth finding some. it’s good in a simple salad of sliced onions with some salt, cumin and lemon juice. yum!
  6. for people liking aubergines, this one is worth a try. i don’t bother doing the precooking in a grill pan, just slice them, drizzle olive oil and the spices and stick in the oven for half an hour. i also grind the walnuts pretty finely rather than chunking them. it’s a bit like imam biyaldi on steroids. https://www.olivemagazine.com/recipes/vegetarian/persian-aubergine-bake/
  7. i remember reading this too, i think it might be buried away in the earlier pages of his blog: http://www.hasblog.co.uk it’s a bit sad to hear, i’ve had the IMM subscription going for years. recently i’ve wondered if the quality has been dropping a bit, to the point i ditched renewing the secret stash one this year. who knows, if it may be related to this news...
  8. i have a few bialetti express in different sizes but the pot i use mostly is made by pezzetti (not the tall jug shaped ones, this one looks like a bialetti with a clear plastic section in the lid and the bottom part is circular with no ridges). it seems to work better for me than the bialetti. it’s easier to control, i think because the base is wider. i gradually start to slide it off the ring on my glass topped electric hob once the coffee starts coming through. works perfectly every time and never burns. the bialetti i often mess up with it and end up with it burning a bit a
  9. i have a hasbean subscription, it’s £6.50 a week, 250g of a different coffee each week including postage. it’s always at least good and sometimes excellent. set up so it takes a weekly card payment. i top up with 1kg order every 4-6 weeks from other roasters.
  10. aeropress for me at the office. seems the easiest way.
  11. hi, new (old) member here. seems i’ve joined a good while ago but don’t think i ever posted. my cheap delonghi espresso machine broke, and on the lookout for something better. back to aeropress and moka pot for the time being...
  12. brewed, aeropress and moka pot, i don't have an espresso machine. worked well in both, richer in the press but fruitier and more of the aftertaste in the pot.
  13. the finca san jose is excellent. definitely get the cherry flavour, and there's a long and distinct almost fizzy sensation in the aftertaste. hard to describe. very good.
  14. hi, i'm new here. just recently started the in my mug subscription and found this site google searching for opinions about the nicaraguan coffee they sent out last week. i thought it was excellent, but it took me a couple of goes to work out the best way to brew it. i make my coffee in a moka pot or an aeropress, depending on where i am. seems to me moka pots are unfairly criticised at times, it can be a little bit hit or miss but when done just right it's probably my favourite way to brew. i never get an overextracted or bitter pot, unless i forget it's brewing and let it burn. the
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